Gospel 128 ~Will The People Please…~

Didn’t I say something last week about giving up social media? First, it was all about voting, and now not ten minutes go by without someone yelling, and then I have characters from about three different books. Will The People Please… hell if I know.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Gospel 128 ~Will The People Please…~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, or I will be before I’m dead and buried. Not so funny anymore with what I’m seeing and hearing on the daily. I’m as anxious as the next person, and I don’t know if everyone should shut-up, stand up, or say what they need to say.

I don’t care to read Biden is the next president as long as I don’t have to see Trump’s been reelected. HISTORY hasn’t been kind over these past four years. I remember when it was my favorite subject in school. Now, doesn’t that sound like me, living in the past? However, that explains the taste of my tea. It’s way past the “Best If Used By” date. Yep, I thought I would be a better man than I am now. I hate waking up at 4:00 AM, and then it’s 5:00 AM when I actually do something. I am grateful someone said thanks in TWD. In the game and not the show, we all can’t be Katie O’Shaughnessy. I know what you’re thinking, My Lady; I’m jealous. It’s more like I’m feeling determined with a clear head, and we won’t discuss why that is now.

Well, almost clear because I continue to think about K Webster’s book. I’m not ready for another vote so soon, and you know it will be the sequel. I imagine it will be like rereading Colleen Hoover’s book. Now that took weeks, and I would never reread it again ever. Nowadays, I’m back to reading A.J. Markam, and I’m on the fourth book in a particular series. I’m trying to convince myself that I was so tired yesterday and not bored. For once, I believe I’m telling the truth when it comes to something like this. It beats the alternatives. You don’t know how disgusting it is reading the word FAILED again. How about NaNoWriMo showing another gain of one hundred words. When I should be somewhere near 10,000 by this point. Even if I do have another victory, what will come from it… NOTHING.

Last night I had a dream about people reading some of the things I’ve written. My friends on Facebook remain constant, so I guess not. The dream itself, though, was weird. I was a trucker (rough and tumble), but I had a secret lab at a truck stop. As a matter of fact, all the truckers had labs like it was some sort of doomsday bunker. I kept speaking to myself, what am I doing wrong? Maybe it was about the load I carried, but for some reason, it made me think of my writing. It could be telling me I need to work on my delivery. How about the journey, and how long it takes with NaNoWriMo. Some people have already reached their goal in six days. Hell, I got real people, robots, republicans all bothering me, and why can’ I tune them out.

There’s so much to get done, Will The People Please…

I Will Have No Fear

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