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Episode 083 ~Will Whisper To God~

What’s one more lazy day, I couldn’t scream to get up but one noise from my phone and it’s time to get to work, just in case right and let me say that church never got me to do that but the day job, my father, a pretty girl *sigh*. Will Whisper To God

Lesson 322 ~Let’s Speak English Please~

It’s not that people speak different languages but and I have made this argument before, there is too much noise, with gunfire and royal proclamations, and everybody is looking towards heaven but then again. “Let’s Speak English Please” not like that

Lesson 205 ~I Am A Man Remember~

Go ahead and tell everybody, I don’t know, but for once I’m not focused on the who but more on the what and usually that’s not anything I care to repeat but being a man these days. “I Am A Man Remember,” or I’ll see in the shower.

Lesson 142 ~Stop Crying Your Heart Out~

Maybe if I was left with a few beers, sometimes as the song goes I wish it would rain, could I maybe go work out in the gym, how about having some woman in my bed, anything to stop talking about my feelings “Stop Crying Your Heart Out”

Lesson 132 ~A Few More Keys~

Twenty-six letters in the alphabet and I have to make fifty thousand words or more, sounds horrifying when you look at it that way, like some monster I can’t escape because I still have to choose the right key, over and over. “A Few More Keys” really

Lesson 078 ~Playing God, Good, Guy~

All work and no play, but what about some work and sitting on my behind, which is actually sort of perfect since I have been behind for quite some time now. “Playing God, Good, Guy” better than being a rock but what else could I be doing, try reading

When Rules Yield

When does it become a rule, advice, some idea, a belief that suddenly becomes something that can’t be broken and then again all great leaders break the rules, only to bring about new ones and the like? “When Rules Yield”, time to make rules

Lesson 070 ~We Will Be Invincible~

As the song goes I can feel it coming in the air tonight, and I am not afraid, let Irma blow along with some others but now I’m only worried about work. We Will Be Invincible honestly it’s the people that scare me and their words, not hurricane winds

My Tea, Mighty, Will

I suppose coffee drinkers might feel something like this to a degree, know plenty of people that don’t think at all until they have a cup but as for myself, I’m learning to enjoy Tea Time, remind me not to watch Cathouse on HBO “My Tea, Mighty, Will”

Lesson 062 ~Rome in A Day~

If it took God six days why am I in such a rush, blasphemous, yes perhaps but compared to other crimes I’m accused of or actually did I’m quite comfortable with this one, but not at how my world is looking so far. “Rome in A Day”, so much to be seen.

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