Episode 347 ~Will Is Hanging Out~

How many days has it been that I have chosen to drown myself in sheets and not water? Well, would that be a bad thing; Thursday’s usually are, but all my dirt has gone elsewhere, but I do clean up nice sometimes. “Will Is Hanging Out.”

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Episode 347 ~Will Is Hanging Out~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Millionaire right now. With this kind of money, I would be eccentric. I would also need an NDA, and I’m looking forward to those. Another way of saying that would be I’m an old PERV in dirty clothes, reading erotic books. Also, I don’t tend to keep my naughty thoughts to myself. There is plenty more I should be cleaning up other than my head. B III, my laundry, my fridge, the house.

It’s one of the reasons I like layers and wrapping up beautiful things. For somebody who’s addicted to control a GOOD surprise isn’t a bad thing. I adore perfection, and I’m not perfect but seeing a person’s flaws? I don’t know; it shouldn’t make me feel better. I mean the more she seems too good to be true, the purer, the more innocent, the dirtier I want to take her. MILF Dos might be mad, but I was never a fan of tattoos on women. I’m not trying to sound like someone out of The Handmaid’s Tale. I will stand behind the fact that the uniforms are sort of sexy. Now if I could only get hold of that Halloween version. Sometimes I can be worse than a girl when it comes to clothes. I’ve said before that I spend more on clothes than time talking girls out of them.

Worse talking to myself, I’m still with Brainbuddy. My Life Tree’s growing, I haven’t looked up any porn, though this morning I came close. Twitter is not doing me any favors, and I’m still not counting Beauty In The Broken. If I told you what I was into recently, now that would be all kinds of dirty. The last time I lasted this long with NO FAP? Let’s say I finally saw those “Dirty Mom Tits” I was panting about in the shower once. Speaking of which back to cleaning, again my head’s a mess but who knows what’s going on in there. The only thing I have cleaned somewhat is what of my Pinterest boards. Sex symbols could have some organization, and I wrote out all my goals two days ago. I was lucky to stop when I did, and it’s not like I’m missing the Day Job. What about Outskirts Press, that’s one more thing that might do me dirty. So as of now, Will Is Hanging Out.

I Will Have No Fear

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