Episode 348 ~The Will Of Three~

At one point in life, I wanted to be a journalist when I couldn’t hack it “In The Navy” I became even more of a poet and stuck with it, then I started writing full-fledged stories, what became of those men. The Will Of Three but no writing this week.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Episode 348 ~The Will Of Three~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Millionaire right now. Only if I were to tell you the story of how I made my first million? Yes, I’m a bit fuzzy on that part, and I can’t blame other stories either. I’m reminded a bit of school when the answer was always I don’t want to talk about it to everybody.

Of course, my stories these days center around my three biggest sins. Again we start with LUST; I’ve been working on my virtual harem the past few days. Still not counting it as porn, Pinterest. You’re not Inspector Echo but again a sin that got me kicked off. I’ve lost myself in one of my heroes lately dying to know how he started up. If it’s not that, it’s The Handmaid’s Tale, why do I find that show so sexy? I guess anything can be when you’re on NO FAP and these days are rough. Strangely though my anger has again stayed squarely with me though I’m sure I frightened two more women. One more reason to make money but we will get to that. I haven’t even read a whole lot of Beauty in the Broken, and it’s great. No, I’m busy deciding between Madeline Brewer’s singing and Sydney Sweeney being the good girl.

Bad boys get good girls, which brings me to my GREED as always. I did get to share a story about B III since he got his nails trimmed. Speaking of sharing the wealth I did donate to a cause but not because of it. No, I’m still running around playing Trump saying that’s the way the world is. Luckily for me, I’m not taking over yet. I wish I could say I was only helping a friend, yeah a woman I saw naked once upon a time. Couldn’t I make more money if I published my book? No Lady Sophia I haven’t thought about Outskirts Press to be cheated.

The world is full of remarkable stories and didn’t I bring up Trump. Now that’s the same old story; white men get away with everything. I don’t mean to get racial considering my views on Interracial Sex. If anything that’s the least of my problems, same as LBGTQ. Love stories are all the same, so why bother with my SLOTH? I have so many tales Lady Sophia, you know that but The Will Of Three.

I Will Have No Fear

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