Episode 365 ~You Gain Respect Through Actions~

Two years of blogging every single day, how’s that for commitment, but most of the things I write and the things I do on the daily; I know honestly I don’t have many people’s respect for sure. You Gain Respect Through Actions

Monday, July 1, 2019

Episode 365 ~You Gain Respect Through Actions~

Ninety-First Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now, and I have two years of blogging in the bag, so congratulations are in order. Today is also day damn one of Camp NaNoWriMo, and I have 1700 words down so far. I’m not keeping all of my commitments, but I have had more wins than losses, that’s enough. I didn’t go off on people at the Day Job. Somehow or another, I helped someone. Now while I hate the state of politics, it did help me talk to a “pretty” girl. I’m more into boobs, but butts are a close second Madam Justice.

Did I lose your respect, talk politics you’re right but getting in someone’s pants? Being real dear Madam Justice, I can’t say most of my actions are respectable. I’m still not waking up on time; I’m late with the writing and the reading. The thing is I said I would start NaNoWriMo and I got that done, and a woman doesn’t take me for an idiot. Well, one because if you knew the things I’ve been thinking about MILF Dos lately? Am I lying to Brainbuddy as well? It’s not like I’m going to XVideos, Pornhub, or Motherless. I have seen more boobs than I care to admit to and hell, I’m writing erotica again what did you expect. If anything, I want to gain credibility with myself and with my last story and this one? I AM committed to writing you know Madam Justice.

Nobody at the Day Job respects me, but I’m not giving them any reason to either. The problem is the actions; I don’t want to be the hardest worker in the room at the Day Job. Now I do want to be a hell of a writer and counting the blog I write four books a year. It could be as I said I want to respect myself. I would even say I want B III to see me as somebody. For now, I’m only a tired meanie who is not looking up actual porn. How about the fact that the people I surround myself with, well it wouldn’t mean anything if I had their respect. The businesses I dream of running aren’t what they call respectable. My actions though, trusting myself. Working as I did today, every second, I resist temptation. I know Madam Justice; I have to sigh You Gain Respect Through Actions.

I Will Have No Fear

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