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Episode 223 ~Stand At Attention Will~

Honestly, I did not think I was going here today, more like little head instead of the big head, but what about a furry one, I should go to “PetSmart” more on Sundays no doubt, but I have my son, and I stand by him. Stand At Attention Will.

Episode 195 ~So Fear The Willing~

The only person that should scare me is me and for once maybe not in the usual way, not that I have ever feared failure or success, I would be a monster, and currently, I’m The Walking Dead. So Fear The Willing

Episode 084 ~Will Take The Wheel~

To think I can go anywhere I want, and I would prefer to stay in bed instead of putting these hands to work but I did take a step in the right direction, and maybe I can make another one this week. “Will Take The Wheel.”

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