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Episode 098 ~Will To Bear Arms~

Roll up your sleeves; my hands should get dirty, last night I didn’t have an excuse considering I was naked running around a college campus or a hospital… relax I was dreaming, but I shouldn’t be doing either. “Will To Bear Arms.”

Episode 091 ~To The Positive Will~

They say a few drinks; well, I only need one, but maybe this is one more addiction, the misery, the depression, and when I do “party?” Honestly, it’s a responsibility to feel good but with this week? “To A Positive Will”

Episode 084 ~Will Take The Wheel~

To think I can go anywhere I want, and I would prefer to stay in bed instead of putting these hands to work but I did take a step in the right direction, and maybe I can make another one this week. “Will Take The Wheel.”

Episode 077 ~A Well Written Check~

Already I know this is not my best work, I’m sure the first time I wrote this out I said something profound and inspirational but no, as with my goal of having a million dollars I’m just signing my name and handing this off. A Well Written Check

Episode 070 ~Will’s Wonderwall Written Withdrawal~

It has taken me all day to work on this and why is that, because I’m an addict needing a fix and no I don’t drink or smoke, and I graduated from DARE twice, but still here I am. Will’s Wonderwall Written Withdrawal.

Episode 063 ~A Will For Monday~

Why do we only have the lesser of two evils, in fact, why do I applaud the fact that Monday rolls around and I’ll still be living like this because I know things may get worse, whether I do something or don’t. Not much motivation. “A Will For Monday”

Episode 056 ~Will, Way, So Work~

To be honest, I need the work in all areas of my life, as I heard during my motivation kick, sleep is for those who are broke which explains so much these past few days. Will, Way, So Work, I have it all so won’t I?

Episode 049 ~Will U They Ask~

Academia proved challenging, and to this day I still hate math, and it shows I haven’t learned enough to earn enough to keep my young son and me… sixty-five in dog years ha, going one hundred, so many questions. “Will U They Ask?”

Episode 042 ~Will, He Time Travels~

Time is just one more construct like fear and another I continuously take stock in and didn’t I say that I hate math which is why I’m not a doctor, astronaut, or building my time machine, yeah that’s the reason. “Will, He Time Travels”

Episode 035 ~Willingness To Forget Rules~

How hard is it to forget about me, everybody else does it quickly enough, but even when I’m asleep, well I should be doing that now, but I’m always having dreams, creating goals, and making some rules. Willingness To Forget Rules.

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