Episode 195 ~So Fear The Willing~

The only person that should scare me is me and for once maybe not in the usual way, not that I have ever feared failure or success, I would be a monster, and currently, I’m The Walking Dead. So Fear The Willing

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Episode 195 ~So Fear The Willing~

Hey Lady Lu,
How To Make One Million Dollars, Dennis Hof did it, Donald Trump, hell someone even said let’s put sharks in a tornado; if those that they call out for their Depravity, a man that should be despised, something that sounds so dumb can make it? Don’t let me down, that’s what I need to say to the man in the mirror, my son who was crying in my arms, and who I want to become by September, if only I am willing to get there, I’m up.

At 2:15 AM for maybe the past week I have been up, my schedule at the Day Job and I rise, and how many times have I mentioned the “MILFS “well one in particular, I swear that never gets old… Aren’t we all though, which again makes me look at B III, he’s going to be fourteen, and that would put him around seventy-two; the stories he could tell and still that is up to me; seems that is becoming my new mantra. All this week it was, staying positive, the rising cost of living, and again staying awake, and what have I done with all that time, in words, books, savings, forming good habits.

Would you call breathing a habit? They say it’s not the breaths you take but the moments you go without it; now you know I’m a fan of The Walking Dead, which is how I feel but I say fear those who are willing to chase angels, why I’ll tell you honestly. There’s another assertion about the most dangerous of creations be it the man with nothing to lose or the (father) defending his young and aren’t I both? No one Lady Lu despite what pleasures get them there walks into Hell with a smile on their face but when one can walk out with one, and now that’s not always the case I know but Way Down Human Goes.

Nearly all my Motivations point out that it’s those that fall and are willing to get up, those who can go over the other guy (no matter how you look at it) and those that would die to win will. Iron Will, Force Of, 15% Concentrated, yesterday I said I didn’t want to be ashamed of my name, I wrote a whole piece once “Lesson 56 Respect On My Name” but maybe today I only want to remind myself of the man I could be NOW, So Fear The Willing.

I Will Have No Fear

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