Episode 194 ~How Will Goes Unwritten~

Am I writing good or bad, truth or fiction; I would be rather pleased if I were writing anything at all and the one that I’m doing it all for, could never read one word of it, though he understands, or so I hope, it’s for him. How Will Goes Unwritten?

Friday, January 11, 2019

Episode 194 ~How Will Goes Unwritten~

Hey Lady Sophia,
How To Make One Million Dollars, stop writing checks, although honestly, I don’t remember the last time I ever did, money orders nowadays, though my debit card could probably tell quite a few stories. This week my writings were supposed to be one about positivity, but I might have spoiled that yesterday because I find there are words that even I won’t write and you ask me why not considering the things I do write every day.

For one I refuse to write an obituary for my son, hell no, B III is going to live, and that’s even if I call the Vet he treated him an idiot, doesn’t mean he’s a hero either and haven’t I written plenty that I’m petty amongst other things. Also, I won’t write, “goodbye,” “The End,” or will I remain silent when my child NEEDS something, and I will never write a single regret of having him in my life. Yes, I write of my failures often when it comes to being his father but I will never write than I gave up on him; like I told the man in the mirror as I want to be The Best Man I Can Be, right behind that I need to be the best father ever.

Lady Sophia, I never want to be ashamed of my name ever again, and it’s hard, but with this week, yes I’m turning every negative into a positive because writing out the usual spiel does nothing but keep me in a Mad Season. How about that period when I didn’t want to say that I’m sorry for things that absolutely, positively have nothing to do with me or what about saying the word impossible; well you know that goes with my “mission statement.” If I learned anything from the “Ho Business” yes I’m nearly done with “The Art of the Pimp” and still thinking about dealing with the MILF, I never want to write a deal that I’M the one that’s going to get screwed in the end once again.

Writing is my purpose Lady Sophia and like I was telling “Okay” last night, my “why” is Triple B which means I should honestly get to work, he’s not the only one who needs to live and I already said yesterday I don’t write suicide notes. One more thing, I should never write another excuse as to why I can’t do something or didn’t “TRY,” and never again another statement for the Day Job; I know How Will Goes Unwritten.

I Will Have No Fear

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