Episode 193 ~The Air Of Will~

Well, the sexy words won’t honestly come today, there is an air of worry and considering “The Art of the Pimp” Mr. Hof says never worry and when once you were working with angels spanking each other amongst other things but no. “The Air Of Will”

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Episode 193 ~The Air Of Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
How To Make One Million Dollars, say it, every day when I’m at the day job, there comes the point where I breathe those words and if I can conceive such a thought, then why not ask for more. Hell some people know, for example, the MILF who asked “Will you spank me, will you choke me,” did she believe she would say such things because let’s say that wasn’t my script, devil’s in the details.

My script, you’ll have to excuse me Dirty Diana, but it’s hard to feel all sorts of sexy with the crisis that is my son B III, watching him struggle before his vet appointment, fighting for air. Power, pleasure, pain, as the song goes and all elements of a spanking, hell to spank or to take it. Honestly, I’m down for either; maybe it’s when I was in the 4th or 5th grade and smacking a girl’s ass was the thing to do; I’ve taken spankings when I was a kid, or shall I blame the media. One day we will go over the rudiments of a good spanking, but again my hands, heart, and head are elsewhere, not wanting a swat but a sigh of relief Triple B’s okay.

I’ve read some on masturbation and how we stop breathing, and I’ve watched more than my fair share of “rough” pornos, choking can be a dangerous proposition; but if it turns you on, the things, I’ll “try” right? Truthfully I’m one for the vocal, dirty names, nasty words, moans and screams, and for the majority of my “choking” needs; unless a girl is gagging on my cock… though you don’t want to know how dark I can go with this. Again today is not that day, hearing “Okay” speaking good thoughts about my boy, every breath that he and I take because if he misses one, what will I do?

I’ve never wanted to be the thoughts and prayers type; why not do, I’ll rush into the cold winter air, listen to the cruel words of the vet I hate because I want to hear the natural breathing of family. No submissive with a collar, no release of pleasure or exclamation of pain, the sound of clothes hitting the floor, will ever match my fur baby and I at peace for the night; so much noise in a room full of air Dirty Diana, such is An Air Of Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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