Episode 192 ~A Will Too Late~

I believe I do have some pretty cool stuff but keeping some hard cold cash *sigh*, and with enough of it maybe I could stop time for a moment, though more likely buy it or make it. A Will Too Late, no never, I know what time it is

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Episode 192 ~A Will Too Late~

Forgive Me Echo,
How To Make One Million Dollars, make time, and at present, I’m hoping not to be negative, of course, today is all about sin, “lessons,” but humiliations galore and this is a fact, I’ve never cared for time travel but waking up at 2:15 in the morning… well here are some facts.

Being late for work is not fun, and by the day job’s standards I haven’t been, but of course, I’m thinking of my definition of it, and a positive is, I know I can do better at getting there at a decent time. It’s not only the day job though; I’m doing my absolute best to keep myself busy; today… well call it being flexible, from taking my role at the store to, our conversation now, not overthinking everything Inspector.

At the same time and this is a lesson that bears repeating, (Ha, Ha Bares) the Devil is in the Details, “Okay” told me I should become more descriptive and now I’m saving money because I won’t repeat that teachable moment. I should also thank her for denying my request. When I keep cash, that buys time, and the idea is to make time, and maybe that’s today’s first sin, there seems never to be enough, but I’m paying penance.

I should probably quit paying my internet company; yesterday was the first time I couldn’t post, meaning my Dear Future Wife is pissed; I might be ahead with posts, but I never miss a day. Perhaps it wasn’t a lesson I was asking for but this whole week’s theme is staying up on things, and I have nearly finished reading, no I take that back, one more book down and a library is always waiting.

One more reason I’m not dead; do you know with all of my attempts I never bothered to write a note, so that’s one more idea for a tattoo, one of those semicolons. Indeed it could mean I was never going anywhere. How about what would happen to all my stuff; Inspector Echo if I should be lazy about anything at all, let death be it because it’s never too late to start living now.

Learning, that’s not me being negative, I’m not surviving or honestly living, and that means the way that I want, the way I deserve I know it so I’m sorry I’m discovering here and now is the truth, it is not A Will Too Late.

I Will Have No Fear

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