Lesson 145 ~The Bang Stops Here~

Don’t they know, it’s the end of the world… so what should they rather be doing in reality, how many people will die tonight looking for a gift; maybe this is why I have a dog but I want/need a wife too and the thing is… The Bang Stops Here

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Lesson 145 ~The Bang Stops Here~


Come In Dirty Diana,
No Fear, it’s only the end of the world as I assume it is every day and for the majority of them, I can’t say I would be proud at the end… then again should I be proud of the things I tell you? Anyway, sitting here on the eve of Black Friday, I just wish I could take my mind off of it, hell if an asteroid was making its way here, I would want to roll off, or maybe just look up at it and smile as everything ends.

Achilles: “Go home, prince. Drink some wine, make love to your wife. Tomorrow, we’ll have our war.” ― Troy (2004)

Can you think of anything else you would rather be doing, if the world couldn’t be saved, standing on the edge of oblivion and annihilation, okay so maybe I’ve had an idea of standing on the front lines and fighting the good fight? At the end of the day though, literally I would just want to be with someone, preferably intimate but with as many times as I have contemplated suicide, and port in a storm as they say. Better a bang than a whimper because I’m all sorts of scared, how best for a man to die like a man, why not an act of love rather than one of hate or futility, a hope for life, not death?

Now have I dreamed up any scenarios about this, more often than not I plan on being the one to survive, offering young ladies shelter from “The Purge”, “The Walking Dead”, whatever ending life seems to have in store for us. If I were a family man I’d like one more night with my wife and then go out protecting them in a blaze of glory, hell even make it like “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” Edward and Bella… are you going to judge me on that one Diana? If I didn’t have anyone special and the world was over the rules would be no more rules and you know I have “Ravishment” fantasies but if it was someone special… which one excites me more you think?

To be the last one so close to someone, I would even go out in the ways of “Pompeii”, except Milo and Cassia only kissed, personally I wanted to say didn’t fuck but for once I’m not in the mood, Black Friday and all but if Chloë Grace Moretz happened to stop by this night well, The Bang Stops Here.

I Will Have No Fear

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