Lesson 159 ~Have The White Stuff~

Talk about the wrong stuff if you’re reading this, but I don’t judge… much and I hope you can afford me the same courtesy when it comes to particular sexual proclivities, brush up on your Japanese before reading. Have The White Stuff.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Lesson 159 ~Have The White Stuff~


Come In Dirty Diana,
No Fear, life is pretty much vanilla, I like vanilla… as part of an ice cream flavor, the humdrum of life, and yes especially my women, though I did have a thing for Asian girls, another day and time I think.

The language though “Bukkake” don’t ask me why this has been on my mind this past week, considering I wouldn’t share my woman but the whole aspect of cumming on her face… If anything how I’ve been thinking of telling a girl, of course, if I kept one around, that she wouldn’t leave until she’s thoroughly bathed from head to toe, all sticky with myself, hell I don’t know how she would ever get clean? Maybe it’s something primal about marking your what’s yours and no I’m not into “watersports” but covering a woman in white, is something to see.

Speaking of being covered in white didn’t I say how I like my women and no I’m not a racist, my hate is universal, more or less, but it’s something about a white girl and no I haven’t been influenced by the media. Zoë Kravitz, Alicia Keys, Tessa Thompson, Amandla Stenberg (before she hacked off her hair), I’m seeing but sue me for having an affinity for lighter skin women. I’ve never seen the movie Jungle Fever, though I did spend more than an hour looking up the song from GTA San Andreas; any way you know my type, brunettes with nice boobs, Katniss Everdeen, Tiffany, identified as Jennifer Lawrence.

I like whip cream topping and the whip cream bikini, now that is what I call dessert, and is less messy than other toppings not that I don’t enjoy them as well. Now, this other particular fantasy was inspired by women; since my notes have been considered creepy, the idea of actually saying something “skeevy” and a woman finding it and then ravishing her just like I’ve written, isn’t that something. You can also think about outfits, again I’ve thought about ravishing a bride or a virgin all done up in white, what about a school girl in her blouse, a professional woman, the list goes on for some time.

Dirty Diana it just goes with me being a man, a gentleman, a lover, a monster, you recognize what they all have in common, despite who they choose in spraying, filling we all just know we, Have The White Stuff.

I Will Have No Fear

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