Gospel 003 ~Will To Be Free~

What’s it like to be free? Would I say I’m free? I mean, I’m not at the “Day Job” for once. I could fall asleep if I so chose. Hell, I know what I really want to do, but I’m abstaining for some reason. “Will To Be Free,” of addiction, anxiety, aching

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Gospel 003 ~Will To Be Free~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, or so I wish. My motivations would say, don’t chase money but follow your purpose. More to the point, I face down my goals every day, and you know what those are. Yabbos… talk about freedom and independence or maybe not.

Red eyes, my attempts at blushing, and being a horny male, prevent deep thoughts. I apologize that everything keeps returning to sex. It beats RAGE, doesn’t it. As long as it’s me and My Dæmon, whatever do I have to be mad about? Now I mentioned red eyes, and they both relate to the same “problem.” One, I’m tired because I’m all about PORN, and this will be day six of NO FAP. What am I not fapping to? Well, you know how I enjoy making my lists leading nowhere:

  1. Tifa Lockhart
  2. Aerith Gainsborough
  3. Liz Vicious
  4. MILF Dos
  5. Cherry
  6. Serah Farron
  7. Ellie, Dina
  8. Sesskasays
  9. New Purchases

That’s another thing, Lady Luna, like the word Yabbos, I’m digging on the number NINE. The NINE women I did wrong, or that’s all I can remember. Well, today is all about remembrance and celebration.

White or right… a Freudian slip or an observation? Now before you get excited, you what white reminds me of. I’m all for Black Lives Matter, but I love me a white girl. Not now, but when I start seeing with my heart instead of other portions of my anatomy. Hell, last night was touch and go because of that picture that started me on the road to Tifa. I found who made it and spent $15.00 on the collection. I swear I do everything for the Yabbos. Hold on, but I’m slobbering, spitting, snarling like an animal. So reasons I PUT ON THE MASK.

Blue Balls, though, are hurting, so I don’t have time for the Coronavirus (COVID-19). One disease or addiction at a time. The government is giving up, but I still believe I can do better. My legs crossed in bed, phone off, fighting the urges, porn is everywhere, and hiding it would break me without question. I should also mention my depression over my story, I mean how far did I get last night? I have characters to free from my mind, but then what exactly?

Red, White, Blue, I want GREEN, Will To Be Free.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 071 ~Everyone Will Hurt You Someday~

I don’t want to hurt you, but everyone makes it so damn tempting that it’s hard not to want to partake, why can’t Trump sign off The Purge, considering everything else he does but no I suffer in silence? Everyone Will Hurt You Someday.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Episode 071 ~Everyone Will Hurt You Someday~

Forty-Ninth Rule Madam Justice

Give Me One Reason to deny this, people are a pain, so is life and love, and I don’t mean to sound so bitter right out the gate but honestly, the fact that I’m not in jail (for putting someone in the morgue this time) is truly beyond me. So who hurt me today; Madam Justice I’m a believer in “Black Lives Matter,” but there are reasons I don’t date black women, why I don’t have any guy friends besides the dog, black people *sigh*.

“You mock my pain.”

“Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” ― The Princess Bride (1987)

I told “Indiana Gone” today that if I were a white man after today’s events at my day job, well then give me a polo shirt and a Tiki Torch and I would be out there marching I mean dammit don’t we all have the right to live? Maybe it’s the fact that these people aren’t worth suffering for and that’s all there would be, in fear, in rage, and most of all in truth and that’s what hurts most of all. My entire life is spent suffering for others, and then when it comes to love well that makes everything seem pale in comparison, it makes it worthwhile and while I love my boy like pancakes this pain I have from these fucking people…

“truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” Bob Marley

Rule 49 is, of course, a two-part rule, but to know that people will hurt you, to understand it as if people have ever attempted to appreciate me; you know I always say someday, but here I am hurt today, humiliated, hate personified by the very race that cries justice. No Madam Justice that’s what I demand, a white co-worker asked me a week ago ‘can black people be racists” and I told him “of course” but compared to his race it’s a drop in the bucket but the thing is in my thirty-four years of life I have more reason to hate black people than white. I’ve been spit on once, fired probably twice but by my people, terrorized, beat up, rejected, abused, and nearly killed and am I a racists Madam Justice, or sexist for that matter, women?

“… but the truth is that I dislike most men as much as I dislike women. If anything, I am an equal opportunity misanthropist.”
― Andrew Davidson, The Gargoyle (Goodreads)

I’m a sadist Madam Justice, though I should probably save that for Inspector Echo and Dirty Diana only it’s a little bit funny that when I do hurt people, it’s those I have no beef with, and I never harm animals, okay I smash bugs, nobody’s perfect. I’m scared that one day I will find someone who loves me and I’ll want to put them through Hell if only to understand why but these people today… I hate them so much that they ain’t worth my time to hurt but Everyone Will Hurt You Someday.

“From the moment I met you, all those years ago, not a day has gone by when I haven’t thought of you. And now that I’m with you again… I’m in agony. The closer I get to you, the worse it gets. The thought of not being with you- I can’t breath. I’m haunted by the kiss that you should never have given me. My heart is beating… hoping that kiss will not become a scar. You are in my very soul, tormenting me… what can I do?- I will do anything you ask.”

“… if you are suffering as much as I am, PLEASE, tell me.” ― Anakin Skywalker

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 229 ~Chocolate Game On Lock~

We’re all the same color when we turn out the light as the song goes and if the world can open its mind to a black superhero, hell I’ve always had an open mind or so I thought, at least when it comes to women. “Chocolate Game On Lock.”

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Lesson 229 ~Chocolate Game On Lock~


“I’ll admit it. I’m turned on by powerful women. Michelle Obama, Oprah, Condoleezza Rice, Serena Williams…wait a minute.” Modern Family

Come In Dirty Diana,
I Am Not Afraid Anymore so ask me, just ask me, I have one woman that makes it clear and the answer is always no but why is that exactly and the answer is somewhat complicated I suppose but I’m here to think with the little head rather than the big one. Not that you’re new or anything but you know my type, white, preferably brunettes, but blondes, redheads, black hair are all welcome, now I could go on but what’s the keyword in this… white?

Not that I feel the need to defend myself but let’s see, my first “girlfriend” was a sweet Muslim girl, all cocoa, when I was in middle school, I followed around this black girl who wore plaid skirts. When I was a freshman I fell for this senior I rode the bus with, and she sat next to me. As for the plaid skirts that started my full-blown schoolgirl fetish with Lacey Duvalle and I had a thing for Misty Stone in Co-Ed Confidential, Season 4 mind you. There was even a time where I thought Alicia Fox was the hottest woman in the WWE before she went full-blown diva and crazy, let’s not do insane today, I’m too tired.

“Too busy snowflaking. if that’s the case, you best be watching your back. ‘Cause white women don’t bring nothin’ but trouble.”

“That ain’t white women, man. That’s women.” ― from Save The Last Dance (2001)

I take my lumps right; I don’t blame the media, okay so I fantasize about Katniss Everdeen/Jennifer Lawrence, Tris Prior/Shailene Woodley, Mindy Macready (Hit-Girl)/Chloë Grace Moretz, etc. Among black women, I still have a thousand choices, Tessa Thompson, Alicia Keys, Zoe Saldana, Zoë Kravitz, Amandla Stenberg (with her curly hair) because I’m pretty shallow like that. Maybe I’m not in the mood to bring on the smolder today but I’m going out to see Black Panther and while I’m always hoping to meet someone and my parents would be thrilled if she were black *sigh*…

It’s just my whole life I’ve never been black enough, and then when I choose white women over black women, then I hate my mother and don’t misunderstand all women are trouble and are libel to hurt me. I feel ashamed when I think of one particular brunette, and for a while, she turned me off all her ilk, but another one told me that the one who hurt me was stupid and crazy ha.
Stupid and crazy to think I find comfort in that but every king needs a queen and while I could name several black queens. I think I’ll stick to my chocolate for now in candy bars; I may be looking for my swirl, but when it comes to my candy besides Sour Punch I can say Chocolate Game On Lock.

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 159 ~Have The White Stuff~

Talk about the wrong stuff if you’re reading this, but I don’t judge… much and I hope you can afford me the same courtesy when it comes to particular sexual proclivities, brush up on your Japanese before reading. Have The White Stuff.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Lesson 159 ~Have The White Stuff~


Come In Dirty Diana,
No Fear, life is pretty much vanilla, I like vanilla… as part of an ice cream flavor, the humdrum of life, and yes especially my women, though I did have a thing for Asian girls, another day and time I think.

The language though “Bukkake” don’t ask me why this has been on my mind this past week, considering I wouldn’t share my woman but the whole aspect of cumming on her face… If anything how I’ve been thinking of telling a girl, of course, if I kept one around, that she wouldn’t leave until she’s thoroughly bathed from head to toe, all sticky with myself, hell I don’t know how she would ever get clean? Maybe it’s something primal about marking your what’s yours and no I’m not into “watersports” but covering a woman in white, is something to see.

Speaking of being covered in white didn’t I say how I like my women and no I’m not a racist, my hate is universal, more or less, but it’s something about a white girl and no I haven’t been influenced by the media. Zoë Kravitz, Alicia Keys, Tessa Thompson, Amandla Stenberg (before she hacked off her hair), I’m seeing but sue me for having an affinity for lighter skin women. I’ve never seen the movie Jungle Fever, though I did spend more than an hour looking up the song from GTA San Andreas; any way you know my type, brunettes with nice boobs, Katniss Everdeen, Tiffany, identified as Jennifer Lawrence.

I like whip cream topping and the whip cream bikini, now that is what I call dessert, and is less messy than other toppings not that I don’t enjoy them as well. Now, this other particular fantasy was inspired by women; since my notes have been considered creepy, the idea of actually saying something “skeevy” and a woman finding it and then ravishing her just like I’ve written, isn’t that something. You can also think about outfits, again I’ve thought about ravishing a bride or a virgin all done up in white, what about a school girl in her blouse, a professional woman, the list goes on for some time.

Dirty Diana it just goes with me being a man, a gentleman, a lover, a monster, you recognize what they all have in common, despite who they choose in spraying, filling we all just know we, Have The White Stuff.

I Will Have No Fear