Lesson 071 ~I Felt the Chill

People are supposed to care aren’t we, my dog without question, friends here or there but what about in general, people that we don’t want to know, people that we will never know, people that we used to know? I Felt the Chill, the coldness.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Lesson 071 ~I Felt the Chill

Hey Lady Lu,
No fear, not at night anyway, I rarely have bad dreams, because well life but didn’t I just say yesterday that there are a million things just waiting? Funny how they haven’t flown away with Hurricane Irma and that sent a chill up my spine, not about the storm but that I forgot something big seemingly out of the blue.

“I felt the chill.” – T.J. Krupp, House Arrest (1996)

Now I know I can be a lot to handle my lady or maybe I’m giving myself too much credit, you think, usually, the only words I have for anybody are the following *inhale, exhale* and even that is a bit much or so I’ve gathered. Thinking, you know “M Anime” might have a point about getting enough sleep but of course Lu, it’s not a math course or meteorology to be sure. So as for today’s lesson as much fear… yes that’s a naughty word but as much of it as I felt today, it doesn’t exactly measure up to being, a tad heartless, now that is giving too much credit.

“Do you not see the logic of my plan?

Yes, but it just seems too heartless.” – I, Robot (2004)

Who do I care for in this world, I mean there is Braxton of course, “Indiana Gone” might say I care a lot, I care about my friends to varying degrees but then people talk about Hurricane Irma as if it’s the end of the world but I didn’t have anybody in harm’s way now did I? That was my realization, that somebody I use to know or probably never did could possibly be in danger and I felt… well, a shiver found my spine. On one hand, I don’t care, I mean why should I at all, it shows where my morals lie, but with so many enemies not that they should be an enemy, again too much credit, I should not turn a blind eye to this right?

I’ve seen so many people preaching that these storms are God’s will, one way or another and who knows Luna I myself may be in danger but I worry more about what people would think of me reading this than of any actual hurricane. My point is I don’t know how I feel about being someone who can casually toss feelings aside, even if they were only on the lowest denominator of emotional baggage maybe.

So what have I learned today, well yesterday that someone excommunicated could be in danger and that’s just it, I’m not going to look, it’s the looking that lets you know you’re screwed but that was yesterday, today my dear Luna, I Felt the Chill?

I Will Have No Fear

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