Lesson 103 ~Never Make Me Stay~

Welcome, now let’s get dirty, wait how exactly are you supposed to talk to a woman, I doubt you’ll find the answer here, this is more how not to talk to a woman, how not to come off like a pervert and so on. Never Make Me Stay but she is Dirty Diana.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Lesson 103 ~Never Make Me Stay~


Come In Dirty Diana
No Fear, a bundle of nerves perhaps, anxiety in overdrive, offenses galore, but for once can I not be afraid at least for a while?

I want to be dominant, and that means you have to trust me or more to the point we must trust each other so I figured I would welcome you here first. This place is going to be my playroom, my “Red Room of Pain”, though personally, I prefer black for my dungeon, but what does color matter except in my women am I right and if you think that was a racist joke well that’s the least of my offenses. I often talk about my wants, needs, and desires as being impossible, immoral, illegal, and insane, I think you’ll find all of that with our chats here, but maybe the easiest thing to contend with will be a woman’s submission.

Though I promise to try and be responsible with it, I’m not going all out with a disclaimer like I did with the “Whisperer” series, though I intend to be so much worse, and can I promise they’ll all be works of fiction… Let’s just say that being an African-American man in America I have developed a more than healthy fear of the law mind you. Strange that I have the courage to do something more heinous than walking while black, I also want to share my opinion, or am I just that much of an exhibitionist, well one time…

There will be plenty uses of the L Word here, I am of course talking about LUST, Second Circle Creations, to think I actually considered myself better, at least Abyss Creations just went all out, you know RealDoll. Speaking of words, whore, bitch, slut, and words that might get you logged by Motherless will also be used in abundance, am I trying to destroy any romantic life I might have? I can’t do much worse can I and just wait until I get started but why not today, I actually do have something in mind.

How about do I actually have someone in mind, other than you, of course, I mean Dirty Diana, this is going to be so hard, yeah plenty of sexual innuendoes? Should I ask what have we learned, did we have fun, no aftercare needed for today, Never Make Me Stay.

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