Lesson 102 ~Not That Famous… Yet~

So what did I do this time or better yet what can you prove; they say the guilty are the only ones who worry about what you can prove and with all the skeletons in my closet… Not That Famous… Yet, but at this rate, I might never get there either

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Lesson 102 ~Not That Famous… Yet~

Forgive Me Echo
No Fear, not of God anyway and if I am going to talk to some figment of my mind I might as well dream up one of my own, don’t you think? Maybe that should be the first sin that I confess today but I think I can do better at the moment.

I don’t even know if I have anything to be worried about, I swear the constant anxiety; you know why I might be a “good” writer someday because I can create drama and conflict out of nothing. Imagine if you will, you get a message from a Facebook acquaintance, saying someone you don’t recognize was asking questions about you. You tell them you don’t know the person and that’s that but this person is out there and you have no clue what they wanted, fill in the blank, I did, with a sex tape.

When you don’t know if there is a naked picture of you let alone a naked video and why don’t you tell me Inspector Echo why my mind immediately jumped to this conclusion. There’s no secret that I have a history, talk about skeletons, the beating of the hideous heart, that’s part of the reason you’re here. If it is something to do with me naked, for the record I have worse things, hell I was working on two of those worst things which shows why our conversation is coming so late, and I’m sorry.

Maybe I should have started with telling you what our conversations will consist of and how I even feel about the words “I’m Sorry” maybe I should make that into my own motto. Instead, I created Rule Fifteen: I Take My Own Lumps, simply means I take my own hits, and consequences, I deal with my problems as I must.

The thing is though, I might not even have a problem or I might have a bigger problem and usually I would this is the second level of Hell trespass, you know Lust. Why not ask me what I was doing naked on camera anyway but then again you and I both know I’m not alone in this, given some of the company I’ve had.

So am I asking forgiveness for this… anybody having to see me naked or for my dirty mind, how about a friend having to deal with me, or you having to listen, sex tape Echo, I’m Not That Famous… Yet.

I Will Have No Fear

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