Lesson 117 ~Think I’m Turning Japanese~

I wonder what culture is more repressed nowadays, or maybe I’m just a freak, well actually that’s pretty much certain but I am an American male, and I haven’t done half the stuff some have done, politicians, movie people, “Think I’m Turning Japanese”

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Lesson 117 ~Think I’m Turning Japanese~


Come In Dirty Diana,
No Fear, though sometimes I can be sort of a dick granted, then the question becomes can I be even more of a dick and depending upon my “lustful” inclinations, I could say yeah. Aren’t I being plenty racist too, well as far as Asian culture goes, Hentai is one of the great foundations of porn, the first masturbatory fantasy I can remember was to an Asian girl on the show “Ghostwriter” when I hit puberty, I have a thing for schoolgirl porn, and recently AMWF and don’t get me started with that logic.

I also have a thing for gangbangs but therein lies one of my many contradictions… I don’t like to share, voyeurism is cool, exhibitionism well, if I don’t have a sex tape already, it’s on my bucket list but sharing a woman, I’m a traditionalist I suppose. I get turned off by the idea of a Devil’s Three-Way but again being traditional, two girls and a guy is another thing for the bucket list or “Fucket List”. Now that’s where my conundrum comes in, being next to Halloween and all my recent fantasy has been about two girls in costume, I won’t say which because well, we know Rule 34.

Speaking of costumes though I’m also a big fan of cosplay though did that come from Japan or just a few nerds, either way, Momokun, Reagan Kathryn, Court Carmody a few of my favorites. Anyway, how can you have fun with two girls when you’re a dick and you think you can be more of one of one and the answer hit me. It took the form of Starfire, her evil sister Blackfire and Glgrdsklechhh, from Teen Titans. Hell whoever may that bit of Hentai featuring them got lucky, a month or so ago I was talking to this woman from the “Moonlite Bunny Ranch” and I told her, with as many fantasies as I have, I mean wardrobe changes, Katniss, Tris, Bella, Lena, Cassie and so on she might need to bring a friend.

So my point is, the answer is “Tentacles” and seeing how many people get fucked over by this that and the other, it just seems to make sense. It works quite well in the film “Mold” and yeah that is a bit of freaky deaky as much so that I just Think I’m Turning Japanese.

I Will Have No Fear

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