Lesson 180 ~The Coming Attractions Hmm~

I don’t need to go to the lobby to get myself a treat and any day can honestly be hump day if you find somebody willing or find yourself in love, and I usually avoid the chick flicks which might be stupid on my part. “The Coming Attractions Hmm”

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Lesson 180 ~The Coming Attractions Hmm~


Come In Dirty Diana,
No Fear, even if it’s caught on camera, though I think I’ve said before that my reputation is probably already ruined and it’s just a manner of time. Anyway voyeurism, exhibitionism, and even the general fear of getting caught, what better place is there than a movie theater, okay I can think of plenty, but I’ve been to an adult theater, to be honest, Dirty Diana.

Now was Star Wars: The Last Jedi, that bad, hell I’m going to see it again today, but it’s something about being in the dark fantasizing about Rey or Rose, okay it doesn’t just have to be Star Wars. As I said, I’ve been to an adult theater a few times and let me just say that it’s nothing like the porn movies I’ve seen or maybe there just aren’t that many options here. The only good news is I have seen some genuinely gross things but wasting ten bucks is still losing ten dollars if you don’t like the company you keep and I can’t even remember the movie that was showing; like that’s ever the point just saying.

I’ve always imagined though I would take some girl at some point and no I’m still not in a sharing mood yet people watching me and her together, why oh why do I find myself so brave when it comes to sex and violence. That explains so much, get me huffy or horny, and I don’t care what people think about me for a while; to think I’m quite respectful in the regular theater, I like movies. The thing about it is, I would get hotter in a proper film, porn is great and all but I can usually make anything into a porno flick.

Not only that, give me a girl that likes to watch porn at the house, though I’ve freaked some girls out, am I ashamed of my kink, no but since the point is to get the girl… Better to leave it on Netflix, Amazon, and the latest Hollywood blockbuster, and my vanilla watch list indeed.

Anyway, my “Fucket” List includes, sex in an adult theater, in a standard theater, and backstage someplace, “Dawson’s Creek” but today will be an ordinary day, The Coming Attractions Hmm.

I Will Have No Fear

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