Lesson 187 ~Stacy’s Mom Or Hers~

Giving the term, you’re a good mom a new meaning but her being a mom isn’t exactly what I’m looking for, but at my age, I need a lot of money. Maybe a tad more maturity, Star Wars, The Hunger Games, etc. “Stacy’s Mom Or Hers” was a fangirl, hopefully

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Lesson 187 ~Stacy’s Mom Or Hers~


Come In Dirty Diana,
No Fear, I like to think I’m equal opportunity when it comes to women… well okay, I’m not, but sometimes a particular fetish captures my eye and at the moment that would be MILFS. I think I mentioned yesterday I still believe in a thing called love and yeah I’m into a “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” from time to time but there is something to be said about older women, hell I’m not a young man.

I see “age appropriate” girls all the time but when an older woman flirts or wants to show sex appeal and beauty… I had a mom send me a nude picture once, face and all and there are plenty of other wives and moms that just show off. Maybe it’s a good thing men aren’t like women when it comes to these displays or as always I could just be a deviant, but then again I’ve never asked for a nude picture. Except this one “she who will not be named” but she was an ex-wife and a dog mom (yeah straight up bitch) but she was bragging about being on a nude beach, topless.

Anyway the fantasy today is pretty much what if one of these women practiced what they preached; I thought about having this one as a submissive, but she’s a good girl. I always fall for good girls, using the line once, “if you’re going to feel guilty, you might as well do something to feel guilty about.” Besides banging sisters it’s always been a fantasy to do a mother and a daughter, and I’m not even close to that, the things we see in porn daily, rots the brain right?

At least I’m not seen as the gay best friend and most see me as relatively harmless but let’s say I have matured somewhat but if I ever have a few million dollars… yeah I’m screwed come that payday, preferably by an 18-year-old, yay 2018. Still the idea of having some older woman that has a man, kids or both and making her feel like some young slut she might have been in her youth?

The woman I end up with will probably be the hot mom of the neighborhood, another reason I won’t be living near people, but I would love to show her off. Then again in these types of situations, keep it in the closet, okay I’ll stop with the Michael Jackson playlist, but we all know that somebody’s got it going on Stacy’s Mom Or Hers.

I Will Have No Fear

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