Lesson 194 ~You’re Never Fully Dressed~

Shouldn’t it all start with a smile, my own being a mask and hers being just another bit of gift wrapping and don’t I have a habit of wrapping gifts for myself, but it’s not “the day,” Valentine’s or even Christmas? “You’re Never Fully Dressed.”

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Lesson 194 ~You’re Never Fully Dressed~


Come In Dirty Diana,
No Fear, but I ain’t smiling either, who knows maybe tomorrow, let’s just say at the moment my new year’s resolution is in question, though I have bought plenty for a potential submissive, none of it leather. To be honest, I have never cared much for leatherwear. I’m one for soft, silky, skimpy, sexy, or should I be more specific maybe?

Does it make me weird that I prefer women dressed to buck naked, not that I have anything against nudity mind you, and it’s probably a lot more bizarre that I have two lady friends telling me I have an impeccable fashion sense? If it worked for Emeric and Ivory in Pam Godwin’s “Dark Notes” why can I not indulge myself, I for one don’t believe a woman’s place is in the kitchen or even the bedroom but by my side. Okay so who am I trying to kid with the outfits I purchase for a submissive, I don’t plan on leaving bed for some time with the right submissive.

Currently, my pornographic passions have focused mostly on CastingCouch-HD and Brutal Castings; perhaps it feeds three of my most prominent fetishes, voyeurism/exhibitionism, BDSM, and Interracial. It’s the clothes though; no secret I have always been one for a girl in a short skirt, or a summer dress, but now it’s, even more, dresses and lingerie, and I have been racking my brain trying to figure out why. I have a few professional model Pinterest, honestly enough but the idea that a woman just can’t wait or I can’t, clothes covered in cum, and especially using a girl’s panties or bra to tie her up *sigh*…

I never understood the whole cover every part of a woman up, does that make it more tempting, to me I both like and despise a tease, girls who deliberately entice men and then mad when men mention it. Now I’m not saying any guy has a right to put his hands on a women unwarranted (Ravishment will be another discussion) but, you know what nevermind, the media must be getting to me these days.

My point is I like women’s clothes, on women, it’s like the wrapping before you get the gift but sometimes the wrapping itself can be beautiful with a smile because when she’s with me being honest, You’re Never Fully Dressed.

I Will Have No Fear

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