Lesson 235 ~Skeletons In The Closet~

I’ve never been the one to lay my coat in a puddle of water; I offered my hoody to a girl once to protect her hair. I’m interested if I remove my hoody because I’m hot and bothered, but I don’t care what I wear. Skeletons In The Closet

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Lesson 235 ~Skeletons In The Closet~

“I said I’m sorry mama!
I never meant to hurt you!
I never meant to make you cry, but tonight
I’m cleaning out my closet.”
Eminem, Cleaning Out My Closet

Forgive Me Echo,
I Am Not Afraid Anymore, though why do I get the feeling I used this theme before, in any case, I have plenty of sins this week. Maybe, for the most part, it’s “Minority Report” things I will do, things I have done but nothing in the present moment, another blessing of being alone, you can’t hurt anybody at all but yourself.

Last night, for example, I discovered I’m haunted still from the sins of my past, but I gave that crime a name, and even now I won’t do it again but did it not take courage to do it at all? To hope gives one courage or it can drive you mad, like Emeric Marceaux, but his hope brings high reward as he got the girl in the end, and he avoided looking like a pervert or with all his wealth he was allowed to be, but he wasn’t. At least I think so honestly.

Tony Montana talks about money, power, and then the woman, I’ve skipped the second step because I don’t have enough money for the first. I told a friend once who is perpetually naked because she complains she has nothing to wear, that I thought women liked pretty clothes. Funny how that works, when you have the girl they want clothes, but if you find beautiful things before getting the woman, then you’re creepy, sad, skeevy. Same old sin I suppose that I have to get out, that I have to purge, but there has been too much time on my hands, amongst other things also.

“If she only knew how many size-seven replacements I’ve bought her. The whole damn closet behind me is filled, not just with shoes, but clothes and bags and… Jesus, I sound like a psychopath, even in my head. I’m not even a shopper. Fucking hate it.” Pam Godwin, Dark Notes

There’s not just one reason to watch porn; I could be like any other guy, but no. I’m the one looking up what an actress wears, I’m the one buying things and putting them in my closet awaiting her arrival, and I might as well be one of those guys buying a “RealDoll” or a Fleshlight. Aren’t there worst things to hide in the closet, guns, drugs, real skeletons, but no just pretty clothes and sex toys, and “if I were a rich man, Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum” no worries there.

You might think that would worry me though, my sexuality, my fashion sense, the last time I was trying to take some girl’s clothes off rather than put them on her, but I’m sorry it doesn’t. I’m sorry I don’t get out more, I’m sorry I would instead air some clean laundry because I’m still sitting in my dirty laundry, I’ll probably be sorry if anybody sees all of this but Skeletons In The Closet.

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 194 ~You’re Never Fully Dressed~

Shouldn’t it all start with a smile, my own being a mask and hers being just another bit of gift wrapping and don’t I have a habit of wrapping gifts for myself, but it’s not “the day,” Valentine’s or even Christmas? “You’re Never Fully Dressed.”

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Lesson 194 ~You’re Never Fully Dressed~


Come In Dirty Diana,
No Fear, but I ain’t smiling either, who knows maybe tomorrow, let’s just say at the moment my new year’s resolution is in question, though I have bought plenty for a potential submissive, none of it leather. To be honest, I have never cared much for leatherwear. I’m one for soft, silky, skimpy, sexy, or should I be more specific maybe?

Does it make me weird that I prefer women dressed to buck naked, not that I have anything against nudity mind you, and it’s probably a lot more bizarre that I have two lady friends telling me I have an impeccable fashion sense? If it worked for Emeric and Ivory in Pam Godwin’s “Dark Notes” why can I not indulge myself, I for one don’t believe a woman’s place is in the kitchen or even the bedroom but by my side. Okay so who am I trying to kid with the outfits I purchase for a submissive, I don’t plan on leaving bed for some time with the right submissive.

Currently, my pornographic passions have focused mostly on CastingCouch-HD and Brutal Castings; perhaps it feeds three of my most prominent fetishes, voyeurism/exhibitionism, BDSM, and Interracial. It’s the clothes though; no secret I have always been one for a girl in a short skirt, or a summer dress, but now it’s, even more, dresses and lingerie, and I have been racking my brain trying to figure out why. I have a few professional model Pinterest, honestly enough but the idea that a woman just can’t wait or I can’t, clothes covered in cum, and especially using a girl’s panties or bra to tie her up *sigh*…

I never understood the whole cover every part of a woman up, does that make it more tempting, to me I both like and despise a tease, girls who deliberately entice men and then mad when men mention it. Now I’m not saying any guy has a right to put his hands on a women unwarranted (Ravishment will be another discussion) but, you know what nevermind, the media must be getting to me these days.

My point is I like women’s clothes, on women, it’s like the wrapping before you get the gift but sometimes the wrapping itself can be beautiful with a smile because when she’s with me being honest, You’re Never Fully Dressed.

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 090 ~You’re Never Full Dressed~

Smiling hurts but when you choose to be the hero or even the villain, that’s exactly what you’re signing up for pain; everyone is fighting and smiling about it. “You’re Never Fully Dressed” without a smile as the song goes why my cape is a bedsheet.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Lesson 090 ~You’re Never Full Dressed~

Hey Lady Lu
No Fear and no smile either but instead a question; what is the purpose of a cape for the internet can be quite obtuse or maybe that’s just me to be sure.

I think I told you before I never really buy clothes, in fact, the last time I actually went clothes shopping was when I didn’t comply with the dress code at work and “Indiana Gone” keeps me decked out in black t-shirts; weird for a girl that can’t keep her clothes on. What about the fact that she’s always wearing a smile for me which in a way leaves her better off; when’s the last time I’ve worn a genuine smile or she’s just bias, other people not so much. A smile is just part of the mask I wear, hell damn near a necessity, you wear a coat because it’s cold, I wear a hoodie because it helps, I wear a smile to not get fired or to pretend.

So back to my original question what is the purpose of a cape, I must admit I like the idea of “cloak and dagger” you can hide a weapon, you can protect yourself with one arm, you can protect your identity. When I say that think about how both heroes and some villains have adapted it and while I don’t have any real respect for bullfighters you have these skinny guys hiding soft flesh behind a cape, the bull obviously would think he’s stronger. It might help me look more like a gentleman, as much as I would like some girl to start wearing my plaid shirts, my jacket, or want to steal my hoodie all I have is my smile but you don’t know how hard it is Luna.

Dr. Strange wears the Cloak of Levitation, but my cape, this freaky ass smile as Negan would say, allows me just to stand and then to put that smile on other people’s faces as they tear me down… You want to know why I don’t have to buy anything, my bedsheets are my new cape, and writing to you is slightly easier and how about my music, can I fly?

So what have I learned today because no Lady Luna I can’t fly, despite a new follower here or there, or how these words fly… no, they crash but at least I don’t have to speak them because we know right You’re Never Fully Dressed.

I Will Have No Fear