Episode 088 ~Innocent Until Proven Willing~

They say boys will be boys but to hell with anybody telling me that, I was never the typical boy, and if you say I’ve grown up, well watching the news counts for something and what are my secrets. Innocent Until Proven Willing ha!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Episode 088 ~Innocent Until Proven Willing~


Come In Dirty Diana,
How to make One Million Dollars, become a Supreme Court Justice but who and I to judge… well I don’t drug women for starters, I wrestled with one playfully, and when she told me to stop I did, and “Lolicon” has always rubbed me the wrong way. I know a woman who’s into DDLG and other than pretty dresses I consider myself well, not precisely a daddy dom but if I were, I’m more DDMG or DDBG, so you know Diana.

Now why do I bring this up, because I know the difference between reality and fiction, I don’t have any need to bury my past, and as fucked up as my game is, I have my dominant side and don’t have to make excuses or convince people I’m not “evil.” Now that woman I told you about, she’s sweet, smart, and Somebody’s Baby but she joked with me about her fiancé like something out of “The Girl’s Guide of Depravity” because she’s horny, but he’s waiting until their wedding, so she wanted to rev him up with drugs. So I brought up this scene from Revenge of the Nerds between Lewis Skolnick and Betty Childs about how he tricked her into, but because she was into it, he got off with doing what he did.

Maybe today is about me attempting to justify my perversions; I read the works of this one author Roosh V, is he a racist, well I haven’t learned enough but is he a rapist, not that I know of because he said a girl would let you get away with such if she likes you or rich Mr. Trump? Then we have Brett Kavanaugh, did he do it, I don’t know but having Trump in your corner, demonizing a woman who has nothing to gain, and having people explain you were a kid when actual children get shot for nothing, and Bill Cosby getting locked up doesn’t help. It’s also not helping that a group of men only salivate to hear the sordid details like something out of Silver Linings Playbook but here’s the thing, stories about drunken parties, running trains on girls, sexy costumes, consensual questions, get me off.

Let me reiterate that I know the difference between fact and fiction, consent and illegal, but the stories Dirty Diana, I have this one fantasy about a friend who filmed herself drunk and I imagine her first time being “taken” or this MILF I know and this witchy costume… How about “Of Inner Demons,” “Vault Girls,” or this fetish for clothing, I want to search for one particular piece but the stories of why… one day we will talk about the Ravishment fantasy, but today I’m Innocent Until Proven Willing.

I Will Have No Fear

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