Gospel 126 ~Will Votes, A Shame?~

If you only saw what I put in my novel last night… the things I can’t talk about and yet a hole in the head is acceptable. I need anything to take my mind off the election, but K Webster sure Hell ain’t it. Fantastic writer, BTW. Will Votes, A Shame?

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Gospel 126 ~Will Votes, A Shame?~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now but at least not the one I read about this evening. I don’t even remember if I voted for K Webster’s latest novel in my book club. Speaking of voting, yes, as a BLACK man living in the United States of America, I did vote yesterday.

It’s a good thing I don’t have my “business” up and running. Even if I did Inspector Echo, I couldn’t tell you about it right now. As the song goes, “Why do the things I hate come so naturally?” What scares me is the fact that such Hate is not mine alone. Um, people suck. I voted for Biden and Harris, a democratic senator, a near-perfect Democratic ticket. The thing is Inspector Echo is that people are so full of Hate. They would watch the country burn and doom us. They won’t say something like BLACK LIVES MATTER, maddening. There’s a rule that I have Rule #4 Hate Will Keep You Alive. Of course, Rule #5 states Love Is Worth Dying For. I watched a YouTube reaction or instead listened, and the question was asked in World Beyond. What’s the strongest force in the world. The reactor blurted out, Hate.

I happen to agree with her, but Inspector Echo, I don’t feel so good. Now I know you’re not Lady Sophia, but that book today has me all discombobulated. Hell, I got a month to “pray” that the book club doesn’t pick the sequel to read, but I’m inevitably screwed. Well, I could vote, but I’m sitting here with a pit in my stomach over a novel, well, two books. If anything, shouldn’t I be worried about my country and that Trump could win? My senator lost; the senate itself lies in Republican hands still. How liberty dies, they say? At the moment, though, what’s freaking me out, besides my lack of writing, are these other novelists. K Webster, Colleen Hoover, W. Anton, and the list goes on. When did I lose my taste for this genre? I mean, I read Skye Warren, Lily White, Tillie Cole. I’ve read “guides.”

W. Anton wasn’t the only one? I tell you I rushed today’s reading because I couldn’t stand what they did to one protagonist; it was just… I’m sorry and ashamed of reading such, not enjoying it. Of voting, winning, or losing… Will Votes, A Shame?

I Will Have No Fear

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