Gospel 205 ~Will’s The Breast Starer~

Once upon a time, Will saw something. Don’t mind me talking in the third-person. People as the Day Job are always putting words in my mouth. At this stage in the game, the horror story of my life begins with seeing something. Will’s The Breast Starer

Friday, January 22, 2021

Gospel 205 ~Will’s The Breast Starer~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and still, that’s not enough for me. Hell, I have family in banking, and I’ve never seen over 2000 bucks in any one place. I heard in a movie once (Lord of War) there are only two tragedies in life. One is not getting what you want; the other is getting it. So here I am, as the song goes, Sitting In Limbo. It’s been a week, and now I’m “praying” for the end of the month. Well, more like Meat Loaf “praying for the end of time.” Reading about Breast:

Breasts for a lot of men are quite an obvious thing when it comes to women. Um, much like the “facts” of this book. It’s not terrible but only evident, sort of like watching The Purge: Election Year or The First Purge. Is that why Breasteses – Why Men Love Breasts: …and other conversations about the male psyche is only okay? The concept that it lacks any subtlety. To me, it’s sad that violence is more acceptable than the ideas in this book. Again it didn’t bring much to the table. Every guy would know pretty much all of this.

Maybe I was fooled by the cover, but yes, I’m a dude. The front of Maximo Montoya’s work alone would turn most women off. If they got past that, it would tell them plenty that they don’t want to hear. It’s the world these days, I’m afraid to say. I usually read early in the morning, so I’m fighting to retain all that I learn. I didn’t have a problem here as I said; it’s like you know it all. It’s also a quick read, which should be good enough to give it a chance, at least. I’m saying, ladies.

Other than the sleeping six hours is kind of wrong, there was nothing new. Yes, it pays not to go to bed mad at your partner. If you’re a rich guy, women will think differently of your ogling and it kind of goes. I wanted to feel better about this book. I mean, boobs, what’s not to love, right? I would recommend this to the fairer sex for who it is intended. Not that I would give it to any woman I know, sadly. People would think of me as much as the author. Not excellent, but okay. TWO STARS sigh, Will’s The Breast Starer.

I Will Have No Fear

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