Lesson 048 ~Time for A Harvest~

A time to sow and a time to reap or however the church says it these days; to be a child again and telling everybody what today was, now I earn my daily bread like everyone else. Time for A Harvest, the ultimate payday, a celebration of existence yep

Friday, August 18, 2017

Lesson 048 ~Time for A Harvest~

Hey Lady Lu,
Before I was the caveman I was just a kid, of course, can’t say that this time of year made me any happier but this was pretty much harvest time, in a few weeks anyway. I think I told you before a lady told me I would be a minister one day… if you meant making false promises and taking people’s money, yeah I had a knack for that sort of a thing from time to time.

The good ole days when I use to have a voice, I was just thinking about how I did it before, cute kid bouncing around at church from member to member, that’s how I made my allowance. It wasn’t just the money though, money was nice but the attention, you can’t win them all you know but I would keep trying which means there was something more right? How often I find myself agreeing with the phrase, “ignorance is bliss” because around this time of year there was one fact I simply chose to ignore, good things eventually will end.

You probably know what I’m talking about Lu but I don’t want to tip off anyone that might be happening to eavesdrop but honestly isn’t that what we both want in the end? What was that about false promises because that was me, especially to myself, we talked about this before but what’s my favorite line “I’ll do better next time” more to the point I’ll be better next time, older, wiser, more famous. I owe plenty of people at least from a financial standpoint, to think I once went around thinking a certain amount of money would solve my problem from here to there.

That’s today lesson, my friend, now nobody is calling to collect, my own personal Negan has been silent… okay let me stop there I actually have more respect for Negan and for those who run a protection racket. If anything I really owe myself and you know what happens to those that don’t pay their debts, okay I’m good today.

How do they say Lu, if you loan anything don’t expect to get it back and I mean we all expect it to be returned but we’re just trying to be nice. We can’t all be as heartless as Trump, yeah you should see today’s poem, I swear my inspiration pulled something from my mind that doesn’t have anything to do with you know who… 98% of it anyway but I’m sure that will come back and bite me someday.

Karma always comes back doesn’t it, we give so much away just hoping that little bit that becomes ours isn’t what fate is looking for. I try not to be lazy and was cutting the grass today so Braxton doesn’t come back with a host of creepy crawlers, I give my time to avoid the death glare from the neighbors and what do I get in return but a dog I’m still worried about and more things to do, sweep, wash clothes, another day of procrastination. What I’m trying to say is when do I get mine… I feel so bad saying that because I know exactly when that will be when I actually start giving a damn and work.

Maybe that’s another reason I don’t like this time of year because what has been my accomplishment, I want to go dark so badly right now but I’m trying to maintain a stiff upper lip. When it comes to other people they jump up and down for joy, they take the week, the month off, a celebration of existence, yeah I’m glad that some of them do. For me though it’s just another day, things I’m looking forward to, I requested three days off from work, you and I probably won’t be talking as much, Luna I tell you so much but I can use a break, how about for the most part I won’t be listening to a few dozen people wishing me anything.

Yeah, there are some women down Nevada way that didn’t get the memo, wonder if I can erase such and such off my public forum. We reap what we sow, maybe I should get more to sowing but for this time I the season what is it that I want to reap, why do I have to be that greedy?

Honestly, last year was good and maybe I did have ideas about this year, hell I was going to be a pimp, dare to dream right and even though my true list is still plenty impossible, immoral, and illegal what exactly am I hoping for when “The Day” does come?

I’ve been heavy into Saints Row and Fallout 4, the PS4 is not impossible but something I’ll get for myself, as far as the games though, Saints Row 2, 3, 4, and Gat Out of Hell are within reach for my PS3, also The Walking Dead. I suppose I’ll always be a gamer at heart if I ever find the time for it, instead of living it up on Youtube. Even now I’m forgetting how many games I want like I kid talking to Santa and then I became an atheist but that’s a story for another time I suppose.

Can’t say I am a fan of gift cards but I always keep one on Amazon to stop me from going nuts with the money I am trying to save, what I have on a gift card is what I spend. How about all my fandoms The Walking Dead, Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Article 5, Twilight, and the list goes on, I’m still saving up for a custom made lightsaber and a real Lucille, hell I want a weapon’s cache, my own vial of the T-Virus, okay now I’m starting to get giddy.

I remember my mother would fix me steak and baked potato, what about lobster, what about cake, when was the last time I had a cake for my… never mind, how about shrimp from my favorite place or my other favorite place because I’m not driving all the way over there. What about a tattoo, considering all the pain associated with that day, that pain should be nothing, and I already have plenty of quotes to consider, or what about something for Braxton, or Lucille. Last but not least, strippers, chances are I wouldn’t be so lucky to get some submissive but at least watching someone take their clothes off, come on Luna you have to give me a break here but already I have offended the masses, you think, in case I did, going to the movies, or marathon series perhaps, but yeah plans.

So what have I learned today other than, you work for what you get and if I actually could send a Terminator back in time… anyway let me say a happy birthday to “M Anime” and as for my own life I can’t help but wonder Time for A Harvest?

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