Lesson 110 ~The Casting Couch Concept~

Actually, someone graphic today but I’m sure it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to others, and who doesn’t have an ulterior motive with a pretty woman on their couch? “The Casting Couch Concept” and what exactly is anyone applying for hmm

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Lesson 110 ~The Casting Couch Concept~


Come In Dirty Diana
No Fear or is there, monsters hide under the bed but feel more than comfortable sitting on the couch but wait am I calling men monsters? Yes, I’m still on the Harvey Weinstein scandal but I’m not here to confess to anything or to apologize for it, honestly, I have heard of the casting couch my whole life and then some.

I’m damn near ready to call it one of the foundations of porn, schoolgirls, hentai, casting couch, and an amazing amount of grey. How many people joke about the casting couch, I’ve heard so many actresses and singers being labeled as owning their thanks to whoever happens to find them attractive regardless of actual talent. I bet right now there is some guy with a girl on his couch right now, the whole idea of Netflix and Chill… maybe it’s time to end the lies but as far as Harvey Weinstein and others are concerned everything was without consent and by some of the victims’ statements even worse when it comes to ages, just unbelievable.

Anyway, this is not a place a judgment between you and me, indeed it seems weird I have something as mundane as a couch fantasy and is probably one of the few times I actually respect leather. I don’t even have a real couch per se, just a loveseat really and no love to show for it though I’ve had a girl here and there sitting with me. What am I to tell you, the goal is to get them to walk ten steps from the den to the bedroom if I don’t have them on the couch right then?

It starts off like any normal fantasy, making out on the couch, I mean haven’t we all done that, though I’m sure others aren’t thinking about tiring their partner’s hands behind their back with their own bra and pocketing their panties. GTD (Got The Draws) being said, a topless woman going down on me while she looks up at me is pretty damn nice.

If anything my biggest question would be where to come, face, tits, maybe sit her in my lap and have her ride me before either, or just be lazy and come on her belly? This would only be the beginning of the fun but I better make a clothing budget, am I a director or producer of The Casting Couch Concept?

I Will Have No Fear

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