Lesson 109 ~My Butter Fingers Honor~

You can look but don’t touch, better not to even look, wait why aren’t you looking… honestly, can I get my hands on an instruction manual for women but what man reads the instructions anyway? My Butter Fingers Honor

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Lesson 109 ~My Butter Fingers Honor~

Forgive Me Echo,
No Fear and on my butter fingers honor, the worse thing I have ever done to the fairer sex is, be scary. Don’t get me wrong Lady Echo, I can think of plenty I have done wrong but to bring about fear and I know fear, for everything I claim to know fear is the air I breathe and to think I could do that to someone else, I’m truly sorry Echo.

Now I could go on forever and a day about this and I haven’t thought about what’s her face in weeks but if you’ve been keeping track of current events, one name Harvey Weinstein. Is it selfish of me to hope that they don’t start removing all the movies he was involved in, how about to worry about all the men appearing in show business that may be in scandals themselves? I actually felt sick about the #MeToo campaign for all the wrong reasons; is it because I’m guilty, honestly, I’m into some things but the fear is my worse offense, I’m sure of it.

I study Ravishment but I’ve never taken any woman against her will, SSC, RACK, I do my homework and no I won’t apologize for ninety percent of the things I’m into, that other ten… My mother raised a gentleman can you believe that I open doors for women when my anxiety allows, I pay for dinner unless the woman owes me a ton of money, then I make dinner, I don’t catcall, I don’t lie, etc. Well okay, I told one woman that she and her friend looked like they should be on “Brazzers” or “Reality Kings” but that was a comment on a blog and I stopped easily enough.

I felt one woman up and she didn’t stop me because she said I would be upset and I apologized to her and there was the time we were wrestling and she got scared and I let go of her immediately, or the time I tried to get up her shirt and squeezed her ass. Women have it bad when it comes to men and all I know is that I want to be better, as far as women in my orbit one doesn’t really know me, another wants me to make a move but I won’t, and the last is wondering what she did wrong, I stay far away.

So is this worth anything today, acknowledgment of some if not all, saying I am wrong, truly I am sorry, on My Butter Fingers Honor.

Hold up.
Am I as superficial as all those guys I warned Ashley about? I mean could it be that I’m more obsessed with breasts and thighs than Colonel Sanders ever was? Mightn’t I be able to look deeper? I mean, to cherish women as full and complete and complex individuals.
And with this new understanding to finally find and keep this true love that eludes so many of us.
Nah!” That’s No Lady, That’s My Cousin, Fresh Prince

I Will Have No Fear

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