Lesson 124 ~The Way To Wonderland~

I don’t know why I’m so lost, I mean how low can you go so I have a direction, but I’m a Rabbit just hoping some Alice, Dolly, Ellis follows me down and how about those others? The Way To Wonderland but I’m so afraid she will turn back I suppose

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Lesson 124 ~The Way To Wonderland~


Come In Dirty Diana,
No Fear but a question, have you ever been watching something, reading some obvious and the more you try to ignore it the more it keeps popping up and then, yeah this is exactly what I need in my life. Alice In FREAKING Wonderland, the emphasis freaking, yeah so obvious right.

Now I wouldn’t consider myself the typical guy but I do watch porn, schoolgirls, secretaries, so on and so forth and now Halloween has come and gone but I haven’t if you know what I mean. I can’t say I ever thought much of Alice in Wonderland, to be honest, I had a thing for Caterina Scorsone once upon a time and I didn’t think Alice In Wonderland (2010) was too bad. So a few days ago I finish reading “Sick Fux” Natural Born Killers meets Alice In Wonderland, meets Sucker Pucker, *sigh* Emily Browning.

Speaking of people or books that I’m no longer gushing over today I just can’t help but wonder what makes Alice In Wonderland so hot I mean there is more to my fantasy than that. I’ve never been one of those guys that ask “who’s your daddy” I was sort of creeped out by “Paranoia Agent” but when Chloë Grace Moretz says “I love you daddy” let’s just say I have a new phrase for my pornographic passions. Last but not least has been the two girls at the same time in an alley, on Halloween in costume, and didn’t I say I don’t share my women, hence last week.

Usually, I choose brunettes over blondes too but hair color is one thing and this one fantasy has been burning in my mind since I read “Sick Fux”. I guess there is a reason you don’t see many if any male erotic writers but have I given up on becoming one, what have I written?

I’m still holding back to you because people can take things the wrong way, spoken or written by a man at least, don’t I know this. So long story short, two girls in an alley, in costume, screaming “I Love You Daddy” of course there is more to it than that but why risk it?

Isn’t this the exact opposite of no fear because I feel plenty and here I call myself but I’m just a Rabbit that hasn’t found his Dolly yet so I ask The Way To Wonderland.

I Will Have No Fear

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