Lesson 125 ~Should “Words” Be Infectious~

My mind seems to be one whiteboard when what I need is a white room for my madness because it’s been a long time since I have allowed myself to go mad and I suppose I need the convenience to answer the question. Should “Words” Be Infectious

Friday, November 3, 2017

Lesson 125 ~Should “Words” Be Infectious~

Hey Lady Sophia,
No Fear… except I’m becoming too relaxed, too popular and mediocrity can be addicting but not infectious as my words should be. My words, I suppose at the very least it’s something that I’m actually reading again which means I should have another review in how long?

Speaking of reviews, I hate being used, seriously I’m not a big deal or anything but the book offers keep rolling in and my reviews keep rolling out and how do I know I’m being used. Yes, I’ve been on a dark erotica kick for a while and now I’m reading stories about everything from horror stories to boxers… a sports book who knows, who cares. Apparently, these authors don’t they just want reviews on Amazon so their words can spread, text, emails, word of mouth which brings me to the lesson of what the hell have I done honestly.

I’m a freaking carrier of words, a zombie, a Walker, a Z, and my only job is to ingest all I can just so I can spread more words everywhere else and I don’t know maybe I’m just frustrated. How I survived the month of Sapphire and made it through October and now it’s NaNoWriMo season and what do I have to show for it… you know this month is only going to get worse. It’s not like I’m helping manners, do you know I almost forgot to write today, maybe I was preparing so much yesterday but I was just slacking off today and the only word that came to mind today was infectious.

Aren’t there enough zombie stories and what about my novella… that wasn’t meant to be 50,000 words of course and technically it should be done already. The words seem so small when you actually think about it, 2,000 words a day when I was actually doing 5,000 for my novel “Some Assembly Required”, remember that.

I thought about imposing a sort of a tax on myself for every time I get a hard-on, I write a hundred words, can you imagine with my libido how many words that would be daily? So what about tomorrow, I have such grand plans at the moment but what will I be doing; see I honestly don’t want to write about those ideas either.

You know what the solution is don’t you, the cure, “in my own words” because the answer is so simple right, Should Words Be Infectious?

I Will Have No Fear

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