Lesson 124 ~The Way To Wonderland~

I don’t know why I’m so lost, I mean how low can you go so I have a direction, but I’m a Rabbit just hoping some Alice, Dolly, Ellis follows me down and how about those others? The Way To Wonderland but I’m so afraid she will turn back I suppose

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Lesson 124 ~The Way To Wonderland~


Come In Dirty Diana,
No Fear but a question, have you ever been watching something, reading some obvious and the more you try to ignore it the more it keeps popping up and then, yeah this is exactly what I need in my life. Alice In FREAKING Wonderland, the emphasis freaking, yeah so obvious right.

Now I wouldn’t consider myself the typical guy but I do watch porn, schoolgirls, secretaries, so on and so forth and now Halloween has come and gone but I haven’t if you know what I mean. I can’t say I ever thought much of Alice in Wonderland, to be honest, I had a thing for Caterina Scorsone once upon a time and I didn’t think Alice In Wonderland (2010) was too bad. So a few days ago I finish reading “Sick Fux” Natural Born Killers meets Alice In Wonderland, meets Sucker Pucker, *sigh* Emily Browning.

Speaking of people or books that I’m no longer gushing over today I just can’t help but wonder what makes Alice In Wonderland so hot I mean there is more to my fantasy than that. I’ve never been one of those guys that ask “who’s your daddy” I was sort of creeped out by “Paranoia Agent” but when Chloë Grace Moretz says “I love you daddy” let’s just say I have a new phrase for my pornographic passions. Last but not least has been the two girls at the same time in an alley, on Halloween in costume, and didn’t I say I don’t share my women, hence last week.

Usually, I choose brunettes over blondes too but hair color is one thing and this one fantasy has been burning in my mind since I read “Sick Fux”. I guess there is a reason you don’t see many if any male erotic writers but have I given up on becoming one, what have I written?

I’m still holding back to you because people can take things the wrong way, spoken or written by a man at least, don’t I know this. So long story short, two girls in an alley, in costume, screaming “I Love You Daddy” of course there is more to it than that but why risk it?

Isn’t this the exact opposite of no fear because I feel plenty and here I call myself but I’m just a Rabbit that hasn’t found his Dolly yet so I ask The Way To Wonderland.

I Will Have No Fear

Natural Born Sick Fux II

All the best people are going to read this book, would I like to meet any of them other than the author, uh yeah that thought sort of terrifies me but this book turns me on. Natural Born Sick Fux II, not a sequel but look out “Natural Born Killers”.

“Have I gone mad?”

“I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” Alice in Wonderland (2010)

I never got the fairy tales read to me in bed or if I did the bad outweighs the good and I just can’t remember, honestly I don’t even think I want to. This book though “Sick Fux” by Tillie Cole is something I will never forget, it haunts me.

Now this isn’t a squeal to anything but take “Natural Born Killers” plus “Alice In Wonderland” and seriously you have a worthy successor to either, though I wouldn’t let your kids see the latter and then move on to this. I’ve seen porn that has been cleaner honestly but the fact that I keep seeing this, picturing it, maybe I’m no different from Heathen and Ellis, oh and do I hear sirens? How about the author, the first book I have ever read from her and I can’t help but wonder what brought this on, I’d buy her a cup of tea, Earl Grey, for god sake’s Earl Grey nothing else will ever do, wow.

Five stars easy but how can I glow so much over this book as sick and as twisted as it is, I don’t mind tweeting quotes but there were so many I have to keep to myself here. It’s dark, terribly dark and when you do see the light, it’s the fires of Hell, not brimstone but gunfire, and however, do you wipe away the stains of blood? Okay to make a long story short, again refer to “Natural Born Killers” and give them a righteous cause and no “fux” to give except for each other Heathen and Ellis becoming Rabbit and Dolly, nothing more.

I don’t know if I’m more jealous of the talent or the fact I’m still looking for my Dolly, another comparison could be Bonnie and Clyde but this book, I’ve never read anything like it. Goes without saying I’ll be buying a copy for my actual shelf and I’ve already been talking it up to a good friend as well.

“The three always turned me on: blood, and death, and Dolly. And better yet . . . Killer Dolly”
― Tillie Cole, Sick Fux (2017)

Maybe the fact that this book turned me on so much should probably be a bad sign, things a girl could do to get me, my dog likes her, sing to me, or be anything like Dolly in this book, allowing me to be Rabbit.

Heathen James/White Rabbit, we both wear black, I’ve got at least five clocks, we both imagine a lot of people dead, both been dominated by men (not like that for me thank god), and both filled with darkness. I should also mention there is a bit BDSM master in him; should I call him a hero, given what he did for Dolly, sure and I actually believe everybody he kills people wise had it coming. They say that hate is taught and with Rabbit, the man became a Ph.D. but the question becomes could he have done better by Dolly.

To me personally once you get past their childhoods then the blood and the death doesn’t seem to be enough, trust me just let them grow up and you’ll be cheering this Wonderland duo. What about the sex though… well how sick are you, there are plenty of scenes from evil, to rough, to sensual?

Do I even have to say it… I have fallen in love Ellis Earnshaw/Dolly give me a girl like her and I’m good and no I don’t mean like one of her uncles. Honestly, Rabbit did the best he could because there is no way therapy could fix her, and I’m sure there are advocates that would say otherwise but those same people scream for punishments of the perpetrators and with what was done to Dolly… Even she acknowledged a part of herself being born and dying and there was no other choice, just saying.

As far as other characters, besides hating Rabbit’s parents and Dolly’s father, the only other character that concerned me was The Mad Hatter who plays everyday man you saw this now tell me that Rabbit and Dolly are so wrong.

This book has my five stars and even more of my money and should have yours too but if you don’t want any spoilers you should stop here. Maybe I should start saving the best for last but was there anything wrong with this title, that five stars can’t fix.

I can’t pick my favorite sex scene, but the mutual masturbation scene when they watched each other and spoke the epitaphs that they once heard, I’ve never met a girl that would let me talk like that. How about the deaths, so much death and I found myself hoping that Chapel or Henry/Hyde was sort of a Jigsaw figurehead which they sort of were for Rabbit. Now here’s something quite new, so I’m at work listening to Spotify and I looked up the “Sick Fux”, and “Dolly’s Mixtape” playlists… go download these now, incredible, spectacular.

Now Rabbit I think was pretty lucky to meet Chapel and Henry/Hyde despite the circumstances, two killers and protection so he could learn how to take revenge and help his Dolly, just seems convenient. I also didn’t like Dolly’s continued ignorance, not her fault but after everything how about learning to read, from a psychological standpoint she’s genius and living in Wonderland is good but reading I think might have been another tool for Rabbit to control her. Also, the simplest answer is usually correct but I guess I was expecting more near the end not that it isn’t surprising.

Surprise that I love this book, that I love Dolly, that I feel like I know Rabbit, that I’ll have to look into more playlists in the future and maybe keep my eye on Tillie Cole’s works. What else is there to say, Natural Born Killers, Alice In Wonderland, Sucker Punch, in a blender and you get a masterpiece that is Sick Fux, but you’ll never look at Alice the same again, I guarantee that.