Lesson 257 ~Weak In The Knees~

Who needs words sometimes, some people go to God, but I’m only a human that likes pleasure and let’s just say some girls look so much cuter with something in their mouths and while I can cook I was thinking of something else. “Weak In The Knees”

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Lesson 257 ~Weak In The Knees~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I Am Not Afraid Anymore, I mean I suppose it doesn’t take that much trust for a guy to stick his dick anywhere, most relationships begin and end on that concept, and you even have to ask, how the first man figured out sex let alone blowjobs. You know I’m no different; even when I don’t care, I like to keep my options open; this girl told me once if I got her McDonald’s she’d be happy but if I made her my world famous pasta, I’d get a blowjob… I did both, does that make me, generous, selfish, or self-serving?

Haven’t I always said, I want a woman that not only keeps me on my toes but knocks me off of my feet, talk about ways to make a man weak in the knees or maybe I’m just getting old? Old enough to know the truths of somethings, the way to a man’s heart right, yeah I still get butterflies, and yes I like to eat, and all the work I do with these knees of mine just to get a girl on hers. How about the old idea that you take an arrow in the knee as a way of saying you propose, the right girl on her knees and then bring on forever and I could see myself taking an arrow to the knee but not today Diana.

I’m still just a man, not a God, not that I would demand that type of worship, speaking of which though “Cock Worship” is a must-have when it comes to a submissive and a future wife if I were ever that lucky. Before you knock it, “Bryci – Daughter’s Best Friend” talk about someone you want to listen to and at least we’re not talking about my dirty mouth at the moment, the things we do not to speak, like going down on a girl. If you were to ask me though, does a girl who spits or swallow, for some time, getting to cum on a girl’s face is the bee’s knees as some say?

One of the reasons I’m a damn good dominant and so demanding of a submissive, I spend too much time on my knees; never been one for thoughts and prayers but I got to keep doing my job and if I had some girl waiting for me to come back. Let’s just say Dirty Diana, that sucking me off makes her, Weak In The Knees.

I Will Have No Fear

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