Lesson 256 ~A Little Ahead Moneywise~

Full pockets, pants fall off, that is surely going in the rule book, no women and the brink of starvation and I might just stay out of trouble but then again men always find a way and another rule, I’m Will, There’s A Way. “A Little Ahead Moneywise.”

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Lesson 256 ~A Little Ahead Moneywise~

Forgive Me Echo,
I Am Not Afraid Anymore, only this is not Dirty Diana’s day, I have more sexual secrets that I’m not quite ready to admit to, and I’m choosing to remain somewhat PG today, but I’m cleaning out my closet slightly, fetishes. Now I have never catered to a gold digger but yes a fool and his money are soon parted and how many girls can I blame for that, let’s get started?

“We’ll buy it; we’ll kill you about it, we’ll beg you for it, we’ll lie about it, and at the end of the day, we’ll lay down our lives for it!” Steve Harvey, Family Feud

My absolute favorite porn actress of all time has to be “Mia Rose,” call her an obsession, call it stalking, but I found out she worked for a “certain group” some years back and I got close to booking some time with her on “my day.” I also found out she had an Amazon Wish List… the days before “Patreon” and spent over two hundred bucks, on things for her birthday that then got lost, fortunately, I got my money back from Amazon. Now what was I expecting, this woman has had a hell of a career in the adult entertainment industry and now gaming, did I believe I could get her pants off… I mean just her and me?

Those that don’t learn from history right… “here I go again on my own” as the song goes but the latest girl, I would say is more obtainable, and I didn’t buy her pretty things because I was just trying to get her panties off, cheapskate. She and I are real friends, and before I got into buying her new undies, I bought her books; what it worked for the Beast didn’t it, but then again we’ve never seen Belle with her clothes off *cough* “Enchanted Bikinis” *cough* “Yandy” yeah.

If it isn’t treating actual women like living dolls how about a boy and his toys; would you like to guess? Once before “my day” I spent over three hundred dollars on a toy chest of stuff, I’m talking orifices, VR videos, lube and everything; what’s sadder paying for toys or paying some woman? The things men will do for sex, even now I erased “my day” from Facebook, but I always forget to delete it from the such and such forum and get a bunch of girls asking me to come celebrate in Nevada.

Forgive me Inspector Echo for having less sense, cents, and scents, love is in the air, it’s almost Spring isn’t it, but here I am using valuable movie points to go to the theater alone and hard-earned dollars for a fashion sense I can’t honestly enjoy; A Little Ahead Moneywise.

I Will Have No Fear

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