Log 017 ~Winning Willie By Daylight~

It’s sad that I still remember the Sailor Moon theme song, I watched a teen react into an adult, a quite beautiful adult, that Snow White can’t be hot, well she can but not for my poetry I guess. “Winning Willie By Daylight.”

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Log 017 ~Winning Willie By Daylight~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Millionaire right now, but it isn’t from the fairytales. One of these days I’ll have to show you my “Winx Club” poetry from an LSD binge. I wish I were all sorts of high today, of course, I’m still reeling over yesterday. Nobody took down my comment though, and I’ve already moved on to making other women smile or offending them. One liked when I quoted Mariah Carey, another offered nudes for $200. She was one of those Teen/Adult React girls, legal now, but I’m still chasing boobs.

No wonder I’ve been fucking up with the porn lately. I’m going to have to report myself to Brainbuddy again thank you Mia Khalifah. “Graduating Summa Cum Loud” to be specific. Plaid skirts and glasses have always been my weakness. Always looking towards innocence as I carry so much guilt. I need something colorful, “Daddy’s Little Doll” series or “The Innocence Of Youth.” I know the difference of fantasy from reality Dirty Diana. I never figured I’d see one of those gamer girls naked. Still won’t, she had to get offers way “bigger” than mine, and no I’m not that crass. I go so nuts when I see Angie Varona all grown up of course.

How about growing up though and not offending any real women, Sailor Moon. Now I already said I wrote about the Winx Club, I knew W.I.T.C.H, but Sailor Moon sigh. My favorite was always Sailor Mercury, smart and sexy; I think I see a theme developing. I’ve never been one for bimbos, and you know my views on STUPIDITY. If it’s not innocence, it’s a woman that’s above it all. Again the woman dressed up as Snow White, I was worried over nothing? I’m still not sure, but I’ve never seen an ugly Disney Princess.

Let me go lower though; I’ve gotten back into Hentai. Kojin Taxi and Isaku mostly. From Kotomi Asakawa, Kyouko Sakai, Nanami Takeuchi, you know the Devil’s in the details. I wish I had all the time to research and enjoy, but The Lion King awaits. That’s something I never got into, Furries; okay, Lola Bunny. The world has become so much uglier these days. If it’s not the day job, well can I blame this on Trump? How about my novel, my eyes need something beautiful and pure? What things are Winning Willie By Daylight?

I Will Have No Fear

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