Log 039 ~Will’s Going To Jail~

Last week it was an addiction, this week its bail perhaps if my dream is any way accurate and I have plenty, one is being a great writer but what writing have I done lately or more to the point editing, prison time is slow time? Will’s Going To Jail.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Log 039 ~Will’s Going To Jail~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Millionaire right now, or that would be true enough. Indeed, what have I done to warrant any jail time? Solicitation, well no let’s say a modeling job. Same with hiring a new maid after “Okay.” Speeding, haven’t stolen any porn lately. Matter of fact, I got a response from Whitney Wright about her film “Prom Night.” Such a fanboy, Morgan, Jada Jinxx, I can continue. Not a crime though, hell Dennis Hof got women naked all the time. My son is doing well but not doing my best by him always, that’s Hell worthy.

So only last night I was dreaming about crime, something to do with the Russians. You know I believe every dream has meaning and purpose. I imagined something happened to Cherry once, and she disappeared for days. She’s fine only wasn’t talking to me then. Anyway, I’m not MR. Trump, I don’t run around with Jeffrey Epstein. With that, I know the guy with Vault Girls got in trouble for characters. I know some Europeans that would do time in the US. I still admire, Larry Flynt, Hugh Hefner, and Jimmy Stephens. Is the dream was telling me the hacker got more than I realized? I’ve had a few troubles with the cops that I never talk about somehow. Last time was a mistaken house. There was a suicide attempt years ago. I went to Juvenile Detention in high school.

The dream could be telling me that I need to grow up. What more do you want from me, Lady Sophia? From being “in love” with Jessica Rey/Alyssa Enrilé Power Rangers Wild Force? Now it’s porn stars Sandra McCoy/Kendall/Professor Kelsey Williams. Power Rangers “Femme Fatales: Extracurricular Activities.” Is my dream telling me I dig too deeply? As I said before, I’m not a stalker, but I need to know everything I can about a woman. Jada Jinxx, I found out she had videos on Pornhub for such and such an amount, how much did I offer? Whitney speaks the truth about her industry. Here’s some truth, I need to get back to writing or editing. If I finish our conversation, I’ll go pick up Chinese. I might even avoid the cops. Remember Pinterest troubles, my mom almost scaring me to death.

My dream felt so weird, and it felt like this weekend. Could I have plans GULP Will’s Going To Jail?

I Will Have No Fear

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