Log 255 ~Will Trips In Eden~

Having played Detroit: Become Human once upon a time, if the Eden Club becomes a real place, then society is doomed. So it was with the first Eden right, and there are plenty of sins available. “Will Trips In Eden.”

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Log 255 ~Will Trips In Eden~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so that means I own several brothels. If I weren’t listening to Pam Godwin’s novel Dark Notes, I would be listening to Dennis Hof. Third time’s the charm, and I’m still looking for my first Threesome. Anyway, today let us look at four alternative Bordellos.

Books, of course, is where my story begins. I keep telling myself, write a bestseller, make a million bucks. I haven’t looked at my novella in over a week, though. To think Bridgman was in the middle of getting a tit job from the lovely, well, you know who. It’s not like I can send that bit of prose out. What about GULP, though. Hell today (Tuesday), I was getting reacquainted with Cherry. Not blaming her, I wouldn’t be writing or editing anyway. Again I’ve read The Gargoyle and was imagining a few different tits, Marianne, Rainey, Cherry, Ivory. Does my “Father” have a point that I read too much?

Babes, or to be more specific, TTB. I am trying not to sound like Matthew McConaughey from Dazed and Confused. Starting a modeling agency though, well once I’m well established. One here and one European. If you ever wanted me to study the metric system, this is the way. I still remember when I found the “treasure trove” on Motherless. I was so scared when I discovered Little Lupe, Dolly Little, Dakota Skye, the Monroe sisters. Cue the Homer Drool.

Bollocks ha, speaking of the Metric System, do you remember my Red Dawn Fantasy. Two girls, redheads, The Purge, fight to the death, my Necro Leanings. Yeah, I’m still talking to Alice Little, but Ruby Rae bowed out SIGH. Anyway, there has been a resurgence around a forgotten fetish “Love/Sex Dolls.” The Bedroom Soapbox was all about Real Dolls, and now I’ve seen Piper Dolls, Earth Erotic, the list continues.

Why not go all out, Sex Robots, Detroit: Become Human with the Eden Club, a North and Kara threesome. I should also stop watching Nier: Automata. Damn you, Studio Fow, for “First Assembly” so awesome.

Banking on making my mark on the world, so I stop adding to my “Spank Bank.” Dirty Diana, I have been all over the place. From DollyDicker to Subscribe Star Adult, and did I mention speaking to Alice a little.

Dirty Diana, I’ll keep walking, always trying to make bucks until Will Trips In Eden.

I Will Have No Fear

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