Log 276 ~Switching Superstars Saves Will~

Well, this could be the closest I’m coming to any sort of a confession, and don’t I usually do that on Wednesdays anyway. I mean, I don’t write about Victoria’s Secret models though Cara Delevingne? Switching Superstars Saves Will

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Log 276 ~Switching Superstars Saves Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and you would think I’d be stronger, smarter, or sexier. Why yes, Dear Dirty Diana, this conversation is brought to you by the letter S.

Let’s add the chapter “Gaining The Vag of Honor” since again, I’ll be talking about my novella today, for sure.

“She had what I’d call a lemming ass – that is, an ass that you would follow right over the edge of the cliff.”
― Andrew Davidson, The Gargoyle (Goodreads)

First, let’s talk about SWITCHING, and no, I don’t mean watching asses though I have. I’m not even talking about between Dominants and Subs. For the record, I’m a Dom and a Sadist Dom at that. Now I want you to consider Airi Akizuki, Michele’ Mouse’ Krasnoo, a.k.a. Megan Laurence and Marie Rose. These girls are my switches for the character of “Rini Aubrie Westfall.” She’s the “blonde bubble butt” blonde in my novella “The Eve of a Cherry.” So you ask me who they are making up for, besides looks, why pull a switch. I tell you I’m not a smart man, but I won’t be a STUPID one.

Then we have the SUPERSTAR, and why do I call her that besides getting me to break my NO FAP streak? Oh, I should probably tell you her name, Reagan Kathryn. Hell Dirty Diana, I was finishing my novella when I broke. She plays the role of Sarah Annora Haven, and I thought so much of her, my character nearly marries her. I guess I should mention that Cherry says I write the longest names. I’m a Southern Man, and people shout full names when somebody’s in trouble. Also, to me, it makes my characters seem more real if I may say so. I’ll also make my stories movies someday.

Finally, who is it I’m trying to SAVE? Humiliations galore outside of the bedroom are not my thing. How many girls well besides Cherry know I write about them? I’ve put MILF Dos in a story and Special K. To be sure, half the time, I’m saving myself. Shielding myself from my embarrassments and possibly jail time. Didn’t I write a few days ago nobody can arrest you for a book? Don’t I want to be infamous? I asked a girl the other day; does it bother her knowing guys get off on her body. She said to do as I wish, and there’s a reason “Love Doll” companies can’t mimic any REAL people. I remember Tallahassee in Zombieland said:

“You’re thinking about fucking Wichita. Well congratulations because for the past twenty-four hours, she’s been fucking both of us.” Zombieland

I would die a hero I write to be the villain, Switching Superstars Saves Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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