Log 312 ~Play The Hero Will~

As the song goes, “Here I go, playing the star again, There I go, turn the page.” I wanted to talk about Star Wars and my mind when to The Hero’s Journey, and then I remembered I don’t write heroes. “Play The Hero Will.”

Friday, May 8, 2020

Log 312 ~Play The Hero Will~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but how many of us do they call heroes? Often enough, I’ve written that I am no hero, I am but a villain. Not a Smooth Criminal, a Smooth Operator though I try. I was a second away from quoting Yoda, one more figure in The Hero’s Journey. SIGH Star Wars.

Like yesterday I said I wanted to make this Star Wars week, but what have I been reading? The Call to Adventure or Cade, Anna, and Cherry all leave England. Refusal of the Call, Cade refusing help, Anna and Cherry refusing to change, the Father in denial? Meeting the Mentor, Cade, Anna, and Cherry talking to the Father and him meeting the Boy. Crossing the First Threshold, Anna with the Father, Cherry’s next kill, Cade’s fear. Belly of the Whale, Anna and the Father in her home, Cherry’s body, Cade and Caitlin. The Road of Trials, Cherry spying, the Father’s investigation, Cade’s madness, Anna’s denial. Of course, Lady Sophia, this is a reach at best, and you can thank Girlfriend Reviews for today’s ideas. If anything, I want to understand my story better, I figure.

Continuing forward, The Meeting with the Goddess. It’s when the Father gains information about the murders. It’s also when Anna and Cade finally get together and don’t realize they will be together forever. The Woman As Temptress when Anna offers herself again to the Father when he has Cherry and Cade also has Cherry. Wanting to spare Anna and Cherry and the tapes used to secure their freedom if need be. Oh, Genevieve, and Hanna.

Atonement with the Father/Abyss, the Father/Old Man, faces down against the Boy. The murderess Cherry is discovered. Cade and Anna are also in attendance. Apotheosis, the Father comes up with the idea to save Cherry and Anna, while Cade is shot but lives. The Ultimate Boon, the deal is done. Cade will marry Anna, and both mother and daughter will work off the debt, the Father becomes a killer. Refusal of the Return, Cherry refuses the last poison order. Cade gets in trouble, the Father takes his first victim, Anna is made a “housewife.” The Magic Flight, Cherry is entirely a woman along with her mother, Cade is made “cuckold” the Father is in control. Rescue from Without, Brooklynn, and Gretchen are taken. The main characters prepare for the wedding.

The Crossing of the Return Threshold, Cherry, and Anna are terribly alike. Cade gets to indulge in both. The Father makes money. Master of Two Worlds, the Father is in charge of both the sanctuary and the cathouse. He doesn’t yet see Cade breaking down and what will be Anna’s reprisal. Freedom to Live, with the deaths, the Father is now free to leave behind one or both worlds. If he so chooses to. Lady Sophia, I have gone overboard in a way, and again none of my survivors are ever meant to be heroes.
Father… Play The Hero Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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