Sell My Soul To Who

If my soul were still worth anything, I would sell it to the devil, but for now, all I want is a job application from Brandon Grant or the paperwork to make his kind of deals and the money or how about Jade West’s next book? Sell My Soul To Who?

Sell My Soul To Who

Isn’t it funny that people are supposed to give their souls to this deity or that one? Whereas it’s only the evil ones that want to make a “decent” deal. Not that this story is evil, sexy, salacious, some would say this is my dream? An excellent beginning to a series that is on my must-read lists. Five stars without a doubt and I wish there were more. Didn’t I say series and if Jade West keeps this up, wow.

How dare I say the setup for the story is somewhat familiar. It’s what I imagine happens, in reality, all the time. Indeed being a guy, I can tell you of a couple of pornos, that start with the pretty girl needing something. Always a man willing to oblige. Except that’s only for a day or career. Right off the bat though “Sell My Soul” by Jade West demands sixty days though it won’t take that long to finish this story. However trust, I read this in less than a week. Now this review, yeah, I’m not giving anything away here. Sixty days to make all your financial troubles disappear. Moreover, according to Paige Emmerson, that’s more than worth it, for the love of sisters.

As fast as I fell for Paige, Brandon is the man I want to be. Talk about the eye, the expertise, the excellence in his character. If you made the story about him running his successful business, I would have still read it. Sell My Soul reminded me a tiny bit of The Art of the Pimp. Only this is fiction, but as I said, I believe this does happen to a certain extent. Although you don’t have to feel bad about it, reading this novel; you don’t feel anything. Well turned on, twisted, and thankful that you found this story between Paige and Brandon. Wow, this lifestyle, that leaves you wanting so much more. I too was one of those made panting and salivating.

No, you didn’t think I was going to compare myself to Paige? How I want a woman like her or more. To have the ability to make deals like that. I could have liked the business model more than the story. It’s not an original concept to be sure, but the author makes it theirs in this tale. I imagine like so many of the female characters in this novel one question. How many women right now are saying that they would never do something like Paige’s deal. Only then, there’s the big price tag.

Of course, you’re not here for my philosophy on the subject. You’re here to find out why I love Paige so much. Because of how Brandon felt for her, not Rebecca Lane, his new toy. Not the cast of mean girls which there were some, could measure up to Paige. Brandon himself, what do you call it when a man gushes over another? All I can say is that he’s the man and I can’t imagine having such swagger. He’s who I aspire to become.

Paige Rowan Emmerson, now if any fellas are reading this, I have two words for you “Reality Kings.” The end, pretty much the whole story. Ladies will you stop me if you’ve heard this one. Pretty college girl, family issues, needs money and sells herself off. Novel sounds like the usual fanfare correct? I suppose the author wanted you to find some investment in Paige. Why wouldn’t I be into, a brunette, innocent, with dirty leanings, that’s my type. Other than that she is an incredibly strong character and Paige has you wanting to root for her. I mean right down to the ending I was ready to get the next book, what can I say a guy has been busy, but this story stays.

Much like Brandon Grant, while I’m somewhat used to the alpha male motif in this genre. There are less than one handful of men I’ve wanted to emulate, and Brandon again is living the dream. A businessman who creates porn. Pimps girls, and punches out drunks and druggies. Men daring to mess with his property, and other than his brother, there is no mention of some criminal empire. What is it with women and the whole kingpin dynamic I ask myself sometimes. He also has that I don’t believe in love mentality. Yes, I’m a stalker, plus I have a ton of money. While the payoff drives him and Paige together, there’s so much more.

Like so many of the characters in this book like Paige’s sister, Phoebe May. The most current plaything. I did not forget Rebecca Lane who is but one more example of what Brandon can do to someone. Some characters only get a page or two. You never feel like you’re missing out. Not on motivations, their lives, and those they choose to associate with on the daily. Your heart will break for Paige at times.

As for breaking I could give Sell My Soul a few more stars. However, the five on Goodreads will have to do. I felt this story so much. So if you don’t want any spoilers, you can stop right here and go and buy yourself a copy. Can I not say anything negative about this book? It will be HARD which is how I felt during a few of the scenes. Just let me attempt to control myself right here.

The beach scene between Brandon and Paige and then the guys that she also met there. I don’t think you will see stuff like that on the show “What Would You Do.” Still, I’m somewhat surprised some adult entertainment company hasn’t run with it. Nearly every moment between Brandon and Paige was awesome. Usually, with stories like this, there will be a bit of blah. The author is waiting to take it to the next level in the next book; I was riding on the edge of my chair with this title. Rebecca Lane is caught running her mouth about her experiences to an innocent Paige. After everything that happened, we see how she has become. A true submissive to Brandon’s overwhelming sexual mystique somehow.

Characters flushed out as they were a smidge more backstory and build up. Number one because I was intrigued. The second because like most of these stories, why this knows basis in reality, again I question. Do women think like this and dare dream guys don’t like it? Brandon for all his bravado did for a moment have to rely on family ties. He sounded like the self-entitled rich boy. While it was true, it again fell into the realm of money. Can do anything still right; yeah? What was I complaining about now? The ending wasn’t so much a problem as the idea that I wanted more right away. I guess that’s more my fault but I know I’m getting the series without question.

For my first read from Jade West, I am all in, Sell My Soul is terrific work. It was right on my level which should be somewhat of a scary thing I suppose. Certain books will do that to you. I can compare the overall, concept of the title. The author made this story and that entire premise belong to her alone. Nevertheless, I have answered my question as far as book two and three, Sell My Soul To Who.

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