Episode 333 ~Porn To Be Will~

Sharia Law, The Handmaid’s Tale, or all the stupid laws on the books these days, I swear, I’ve started blocking Twitter with my hand because I know too many people and tomorrow, well there goes my streak. Porn To Be Will

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Episode 333 ~Porn To Be Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Millionaire right now, also a porn junkie. Am I growing something besides my collection, clothes, or creepy captions? According to Brainbuddy, yes. The question remains, and my new favorite game show. Now Ladies and gentlemen “IS THIS PORN?”

Let’s start with Episode 333, I noticed yesterday but more so today. Of course, this all started when I compared shudders and friend to porn stars. Brazzers and Reality Kings, nice? So yes, my former adult viewing has advanced in nearly two years. To this day, the word “skeevy” still gives me a chill. Now it goes right under “Stupid” and above “Stalker.” One I was that’s fair enough, the second I despise feeling, the last being an outright lie. Was it skeevy, yes, was it stupid? You know how I feel about wasting time, but here we are. Was it stalker-like, other than wanting to buy company stocks for the first time? Making her a villainess in a novel Hell since that night of reading I’ve never looked her up. Again Is This Porn?

I keep asking myself. Every day my Life Tree grows more. It’s less about avoiding NO FAP and more about leaving porn altogether. Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, on the last two, I haven’t avoided seeing a naked female. Dirty Diana, it’s not like I’m sticking around. Okay, five seconds for Sabrina Nichole who did Playboy and is now a cosplayer. I swear porn is one of those words like love but long story short. It’s meant to produce sexual arousal, and I didn’t look that long. No wood honest. Now, what about a book review and this blog. I finished a critique of an erotica novel. I looked up Jenna Rickert for one of my writing reasons too. So have I broken My Word to Brainbuddy?

Tomorrow another cosplayer is giving her farewell. I’ll be receiving an uncensored view drools. So yeah that is going to count as porn. I know another failure, and you know I’m not a competitive person. I do like winning. Lust, of course, is less of a sin than greed. Only besides breasts, I’ve thought about books and bucks, how I HATE MATH. If I could get 200,000 people to believe in me at five dollars in profit? I ask the lesser question about the little head but the big head too, Porn To Be Will.

I Will Have No Fear