Log 290 ~Will’s Paining For Porn~

The words are calling to me. Unfortunately, they are saying the same thing, and that doesn’t bode well when you are writing a book. Oh, is that what I’m doing until the stimulus check comes and what then. “Will’s Paining For Porn”

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Log 290 ~Will’s Paining For Porn~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and with that kind of money, I never want to feel pin again. Now, of course, I know this is impossible, but where do most of my FEARS come from? I’ve never been hurt sexually, not in any criminal sort of way. I indeed like spankings, don’t ask how I found that out. As the song goes, “scratches all down my back to keep me right on” that’s from Crazy Bitch. So today, I started out with the idea of Hard Limits and maybe next time, but my nature is Sadism. Though I’m still here hurting myself with No Fap.

I’m still writing my The Eve of a Cherry, and how many times have I written the word FUCK? Dirty Diana, I fear the day that word loses all meaning. The thing is, love hurts ME but fucking? I get to do that to someone else, so I pursue it relentlessly. For an added bonus, fucking isn’t killing. While I’m busy repeating that word ad nauseam, along with bitch, slut, whore, cum dumpster, and others.

I call women plenty, but even in my novel, there are words I avoid. So you know, I want to say them, but there’s a line you know. Calling a girl a Fat Bitch, a cow, or even a cunt. The words don’t sit well with me. Sometimes I want to yell them out, they’re sexy but the harm they could inflict? Am I only going to talk about language?

Like the difference between Rape and Ravishment? They can mean the same, but ravishment can be defined by other means in better ways. In The Eve of a Cherry, Bridgman has no problem with blackmail or threats. Harming someone physically, though, well until THE END…

In reality, I’m a dominant, I practice BDSM. Still, before you can go there, you must know SSC Safe Sane Consensual. Also RACK Risk-aware consensual kink. However, I’m not one for leather or whips, chains are good, but I prefer more everyday items. Belts, bras and panties, a few dildos to use on a girl. The pain, though, is more psychological than physical. Thus, in some specific ways more dangerous. That’s why I have to get to know a girl or a character. With no knowledge, there is no risk.

It’s kept me from paying for a lot of porn. No, Will’s Paining For Porn.

I Will Have No Fear