Episode 043 ~Losers Always Try Their Best~

Last week I asked, can I do better, and this week as the song goes, you’re the best around, or maybe I would be if I ever got out of bed and started walking the Earth, but in doing what I consider my best… Losers Always Try Their Best.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Episode 043 ~Losers Always Try Their Best~

Forty-Fifth Rule Madam Justice

Give Me One Reason I’m up so early, and it’s because I’m tired of being a loser, yeah that makes perfect sense, or it sucks to tear myself apart, much like this rule, but now I’m not doing my best, I’m doing me. Screwing myself over so one day; well that’s honestly Dirty Diana’s department right but anyway what exactly is my best because whatever it was, well I wanted more and so here I am becoming so damn demanding.

“Your “best”! Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and fuck the prom queen.” ― The Rock (1996)

So you might be able to tell what the forty-sixth rule will be but for now, let’s start with something even more apparent, here I am “home,’ and I don’t see the prom queen anywhere, and for the record the Prom Queen web series (2007) is fantastic. I don’t want to try my best, if I can indeed attest that I ever did, I want to win, no more, no less, as with some of my motivational studies, win at all costs, if I’m going to sleep it might as well be in some king size bed with a pretty girl. I’m grateful for what I have and for the cuddly pup who continues to rest, but I can win for the both of us.

Unconditional love right but I have to find someone. First, I have to Git Up, Git Out, and yesterday was a decent start, though I was late, everything that I made a priority I got done… well not counting PCH but the way to Easy Street means traversing a hard road. Doing is trickier than trying, that would be a new rule if I weren’t sure I have already ripped-off Star Wars at some point, speaking of trying your best with the latest movies, though people are doing that. You know I’ve learned to hate the word “try” because what has it ever gotten me, I tried to get the job and I did, I try to sleep, and I do, it gets me survival but to DO means living.

I’m not the best at anything while I am trying, I’m losing but every day can be a step closer to victory if I do the work, and you know that I don’t mean the day job, and while I’m not the best writer I WILL work harder than whoever that is. Honestly, those speeches must be getting to me because though I am the Cosmic Castaway, for now, it is somehow more than accepting Losers Always Try Their Best.

I Will Have No Fear

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