Episode 249 ~Will’s Insatiable To Addiction~

“Love” is a disease and “Lust” is a drug but which is more expensive; I would say I don’t pay for porn but I’m an addict, not a liar and anything stronger may rip me apart, something about last week’s heart and private. Will’s Insatiable To Addiction

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Episode 249 ~Will’s Insatiable To Addiction~


Come In Dirty Diana,
How To Make One Million Dollars, I’m sure The Purge Series did way more than that, GTA, Gun, of course, zombies. Sometimes even I yearn for moments of peace. Okay not with zombies, I would live in a full zombie apocalypse but until then, a brothel.

Sex is the only thing I can never get enough of ever. Today, disgusted at yet another release and all it took was three sets of boobs. The thing is I want more of those boobs and even more in general. If it wasn’t that fantasy of those tits, then it has to be, of the two girls in stockings on their knees sucking me off.

Wait there are three pairs here, and that right there shows how greedy I am. The white “would”belong to the cosplayer. Dirty Diana if I joined the Patreon of every cosplayer I ever wanted. My Sweet Lord, help me if I ever publish and make it big. Like the mess I made, the pain in my head (big one not little one) life in general.

My motivations talk about you have to figure out what you want, and that’s easy. I want to write books, gain property, build a brothel, love hotel, movie studio. As I’ve said before all my moves go towards that goal, dare I call it my purpose? Not my reason, no that’s to provide a life for my son, and I never want to be scared again. I would buy “Indiana Gone” her farm, finally get “Cherry” to take her clothes off, hire “M Anime” for my restaurant. Not sure what “Okay” wants but she would be free to do it; If I Were A Rich Man. Now that’s the rub, to feed one addiction, I have to let go of the other. I give up LUST in exchange for GREED, SLOTH for PRIDE, and ENVY for GLUTTONY, what about WRATH?

It frightens me what people think; I don’t hate women. Okay, I hate certain ones, but that has nothing to do with sex. If anything, I hate myself most of all and an inch below my father. Dirty Diana, that’s why I hate jacking off because that’s giving myself pleasure I don’t deserve. When it comes to certain women, I guess when they show they care in the slightest I have to go all out for their pleasure. Only I need them to see the real monster. No, I didn’t mean my dick alone, but more this beast that never sleeps. Who feeds, feasts, and fornicates and like a drug, he needs a steady supply. I wonder why I was searching up the Brainbuddy App again, Will’s Insatiable To Addiction.

I Will Have No Fear

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