Episode 277 ~Green Around The Willie~

Still all about these redheads today and more so my green, how did Lance say in GTA, “your green and my dead brother’s white lad.” and yes I know he was referring to drugs, but we all have our sickening vices. Green Around The Willie

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Episode 277 ~Green Around The Willie~


Come In Dirty Diana,
How To Make One Million Dollars, I suppose being ALIVE was Adam’s paycheck. For naming all the animals in the Garden Of Eden. I should work on my names and titles; this one was gross. Only less than “Blue Waffle” and is Fleshlight’s “Classic Pink Lady” crude, sounds classy Dirty Diana.

So when I dream about green, besides shoving Ruby’s panties aside. It was more to the point of my fantasies being slightly “sick” by “usual” standards. You know I’m reading “The Secret,” and I’m still listening to all my other motivations. All suggest you act as though you have what you want. Okay, I AM a Millionaire, (aim for what you want, I promised a million by September). Anyway, I AM going to Carson City, Nevada, that’s where all the brothels are. Now there’s one, the Mustang Ranch and a particular suite The Princess Room. However, what sort of man would choose such a room? There are, of course, other bordellos. The Moonlite Bunny Ranch and what is it with redheads and me these days? Nevertheless possibly my “worst” fantasy is that of “Ravishment” shudders.

I should calm down but remember how I’m all about redheads, Alice Little, Ruby Rae. There’s Courtney Carmody who I’ve done more “business” with these days. I’m sticking with the positive vibes. Again I AM a Millionaire; I AM a Pimp, I AM Powerful. You know the type of power it would take to get some of the hottest cosplayers to work for me. How much green do you think that would require. There is always more from guys like me. Diana, that of course, is the dream. Still these days it’s sickening to look at a woman as; there are some choice words. Well hell in my case I’m pretty damn good Dirty Diana.

There was a time I was all into getting down and dirty outside. One of the very few reasons I’m into camping, fishing. Making love under the stars or fucking like beasts in the grass. What about my “bad” ideas of voyeurism? However, these days the only thing I’m lusting for is “Dolla Dolla bill y’all.” That’s all I was doing at work today. I have created a playlist about my abundance of money, affirmations of wealth. I felt no fear of spending it today on Court. I’ll get the MILF to talk to me again at some point. Pretty women Green Around The Willie.

I Will Have No Fear

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