Episode 278 ~Need Willing Positive Vibes~

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes, something I’ve heard this week. When I put myself into a “Happy” place I feel it and today; this goes against all my motivations, but people don’t want me happy. Need Willing Positive Vibes.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Episode 278 ~Need Willing Positive Vibes~

Hey Lady Sophia,
How To Make One Million Dollars, non-lethal erasers. Now you’re not Inspector Echo, but I feel I owe myself an apology. For all the good I’m attempting, and it’s as if, well you know I repeat myself, a lot. I want to rewrite my life story, and people won’t let me so?

Well, take my new novel for example. Today I intend to reach Chapter Five “Sorry, She’s Out Of Stock…INGS.” Even though the words are pushing through. I know this journey will be worth it, positive vibes. Despite an almost midnight hour, Chapter Four “You Sale Me Something Good” was started. Writing does make me feel proud of myself when I don’t stop. I even see the story coming together, in its strange way. Now I thought I knew the definition between good writing and terrible. Lady Sophia I worked it out today, and I realized that I wasn’t even close.

Horrible writing is when I was sitting in the breakroom today having to write out my schedule. Talk about archaic but then literally posting it on the wall. One, because management is a bunch of liars. Two because I enjoy humiliation, and three, if not that, indifference. It’s writing and having to reword everything and Lady Sophia I am grateful. I am putting the method of “The Secret” into practice. Catching myself in some terrible thoughts and replacing them. You know I talk about honesty even in my fiction. Only nowadays I’m either lying to myself or like PORN; I give in. I’ll allow myself the horniness, or in the case of work, I accept the rage, madness, and stupidity.

Stupidity, the only thing that snapped me out of it today was the FEAR of what would happen next. All the vibes I was putting out there in the universe, and I’m sure I missed “something.” Still, the worry is working its way up and out of my life. Unlike the porn but as I’ve explained before; research. The scene with the schoolgirl and the guy in the bathroom. I could find it in two seconds, but I’ve avoided “adult entertainment” for the most part. Not Pinterest, Instagram, or a pretty girl’s Snapchat. How dare I forget my pornographic story as I’m so “relaxed.” I slept too long, my Brainbuddy routine, meditation music. I am getting ready for the writing that needs doing. A story I can rewrite Anytime, So I Need Willing Positive Vibes.

I Will Have No Fear

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