Gospel 001 ~Will She Wear It~

The start of a new year, at least when it comes to blogging and why not start with more women trouble like it was three years ago. Only not I’m not trying to undress one but trying my best impression of “Dark Notes.” “Will She Wear It?”

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Gospel 001 ~Will She Wear It~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, or at least at the start of the year, I’m living like it. You don’t know how HARD it is trying to stay positive. Today should be a celebration, as the song goes, it’s our anniversary. Well, ours and the rest of the girls but last night still holds true.

I’m a man of many hats and a collar to boot. Yes, I’m only a “priest” when it comes to my novel. It’s a sequel to The Eve of A Cherry. My new story is called, For A Fine Cherry Spread. My how I like to dress up my characters in imitations of this life AHEM Amia Jocelyn Everhart. Now speaking of dress-up, I haven’t been spending money on Yabbos, not yet. Instead, it has been all about covering them up. Well more to the point, making them look more “presentable.” Hell, I don’t remember many wrapped presents at Christmastime. And how dare I bring up Christmas and begin our new year together calling these GOSPELS. Think about this, religion dresses up plenty in that is oh so very wrong. I don’t think Yabbos are wrong, pussy isn’t “evil” and a confession… never had anal sex. With so many women to choose, it’s a shame.

“The Nine,” Dirty Diana, again, this all started because of the Basic Bitch. No, I should have happy thoughts. I still remember when I bought all that wedding white for Court. There were the clothes and books I purchased for Okay. See what I mean, Dirty Diana. Staying up, well, I did buy Indiana Gone a dress a long time ago. This morning, I ordered the Neon Pink & Blue 3 Piece Bikini Lingerie & Stockings because I saw it on a Sex/Love Doll. Well, I could also tell you about Teen Starlet Macey, a model, but I’m not looking to reignite The Harmonic War.

Before that, I was on Instagram and saw Elizabeth Rage. You know My “Liz On Rage” as she was modeling the Norah Lace French Top & Flutter Tap Panty. Of course, I had to have it… good going Adam & Eve making a sale ha.

Further down the line is the Seafoam Dress from Enchanted Bikinis. Indiana Gone might kill me as I didn’t think of her sooner to buy.

Finally, there are the things I want to buy, like Aerith’s and especially Tifa’s dresses from Final Fantasy VII. The only politics you’ll get from me today are Melody Parker’s thigh highs from Bipartisan Bonage. I’m sure by tomorrow there will be something else waiting.

Today though, I still need to work on my new book. Why call it a book even. Something joyful… Yabbos inside. Will She Wear It?

I Will Have No Fear

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