Gospel 036 ~Six Feet Of Will~

Last week I talked some about PMO, uh yeah back to square one or day one and what about MILFs Uno, Dos, and now Tres. One doesn’t speak to me, two blocked me, and three, I’m living on a prayer. “Six Feet Of Will,” hell seven inches or more.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Gospel 036 ~Six Feet Of Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so you wouldn’t think I’d be so forgetful. From the look of past conversations, this day would seem unimpressive. Dirty Diana, it’s only “Another Day,” as I would say at the Day Job. Today though, is the day I realized I lost her. The Basic Bitch and as usual, this was at night while my dick was hard. If only I knew then my days would get harder. It was the same with the Rainbow Girl, MILF Dos and more. So today, why not talk about the things that shouldn’t get me hot and bothered.

Of course, there are my enemies… Well, I shouldn’t call them that, I mean it’s not like I hate them. As I said, today was a bit off, and I found the Basic Bitch by accident. I bet she would get off knowing that I still ogle her body. It would probably disgust MILF Dos. I remember being in the shower, thinking about her in her sports bras. All the time, moaning “Dirty Mom Tits.” I actually have pictures of those fantastic Yabbos she sent. While Okay and Cherry never officially blocked me, I have a picture of Okay naked. Hell, I would kill to see Cherry’s Yabbos, no doubt.

Speaking of friends, I have seen or wanted to see naked. I was so close to M Anime. One of these days she’s going to wind up hating me. Can I say how annoying it is when girls talk to you like you’re their gay best friend sometimes? No problem with gay people, only I’m not. MILF Tres doesn’t treat me as such. For the record, Okay is MILF Uno, Capital A is MILF Dos; (killing me with that body of hers). Special K (cereal or Breakin’ movies) is MILF Tres. I got a shot at fucking her… I hope.

After women who more than likely hate my guts and moms, what’s left? There are dirty stories that happen to be true. I talked about Court once, one more reason I couldn’t be a cop. Do you remember Rainey Summer Day from The Five? Yeah, that was fiction, but I still FAP to her stories, mainly fucking her “step-dad” reverse cowgirl (drools). Sigh, like Trump, I can’t talk about Russia…

Oh yeah, I still want to have a threesome to have Six Feet Of Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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