Gospel 099 ~Will Of The Illogical~

Is she an alien, a robot? Maybe she’s like me believing it’s the end of the world and if I were the only boy and she is the only girl. All I know is this isn’t normal, which is why I scare all the MILFs. Will Of The Illogical

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Gospel 099 ~Will Of The Illogical~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so let’s get lost, as the song goes. For the record, seeing how I’ve tried to clean up my image these past few days. Today I can say what I want; I’m putting that out there. Now, yes, for posterity AHEM, Zombies, Aliens, Robots. I believe in all of them. Only which one will take us out first? Do I sound crazy to you? Dirty Diana, I actually prefer the following miracles. When I get some girl to take her clothes off. How about getting into bed with some random girl? My writings as turn-ons.

First Dirty Diana, I do consider women, um… Well, that would be a long-ass conversation today. Let’s say with all the leaps in bounds in medical technology. Hundreds, Thousands, Millions, of alien women dotting the cosmos. What about companies like Real Doll? I value humans. Opening up the novel I’ve been reading, Succubus 2 (Hell To Pay) is an exception. What about my writing of women inflicted with a zombie thirst for “sex?” I’ll even admit to several fantasies, with tentacles. Hell, three words are you ready; “Detroit Become Human.” Basically, my point is Dirty Diana is when it comes to a woman, something has to be wrong with her. Talk about projection, am I right? Any woman that is what accounts to “normal” wouldn’t have me, I know that.

Introductory classes on not being confident or sexy; yep, I’ll be here all week. I wish I could say I sound like a Vulcan a bit. Yet again, I am ignoring the advice of old white men. I’ve started NO FAP what now! At least I’m not edging to FF VII Tifa for now, ha-ha. Starting with some good ole model ass. Yeah, can’t say I ever fucked some girl at prom. I’ve never deflowered some virgin. Dirty Diana, with all the kinky shit I’m into, I’ve never had a threesome. Can’t say I’ve ever woken up with a girl on Saturday listening to music. Commencing with my everyday life, that’s what that would be. It would be logical, and I am anything but and neither are most women. How about thinking about Yabbos 24/7 and 365 Dirty Diana, nope.

Topping, being a dominant, the lifestyle, what’s wrong with that. So I create a new world that makes no sense. Love, Will Of The Illogical

I Will Have No Fear

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