Gospel 106 ~Willy Cleans Up Nice~

I’ve been talking about being in bed… sleeping, so I should probably get new pillows and speaking of which, I broke yet again on the mere idea of some. I’m still mad at Pinterest, but it wasn’t their fault. Willy Cleans Up Nice, but yeah, dirty mind.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Gospel 106 ~Willy Cleans Up Nice~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I can afford the best shower ever and a piece of the Kleenex company. I’m also not one to be stylish, despite M. Anime’s name numerology. I did clean up nice for Indiana Gone’s wedding. It’ll be her and hubby’s first anniversary on Monday. Anyway, today isn’t the day for all my other friends, but I still want to see M. Anime’s Yabbos. I’ve missed saying that, Yabbos, Dirty Pillows, and Knockers. I could use a shower now.

Yesterday I was hinting at the fact that I’m looking for that girl, “Kleenexing Knockers… fill in the blank.” She had her own section on one of my Pinterest boards that, of course, got wiped out. Am I still angry about that? Haughty, one might say, along with Hungry and Horny. Well, not so much anymore, dammit. So what broke me this week… Anna Cecilia Fae’s Knockers. Fuck I was doing so well, headed for five days of NO FAP. I’m 90% finished reading Succubus Lord 2. My first Pinterest board has 41 sections too. Yeah, and that’s because I’m looking for some blonde on a bridge, wearing a light purple dress with huge tits. So am I not into Tifa Lockhart anymore. Oh hell yeah, I am. She was in there somewhere before I broke, and now what’s next?

At the moment, my mind is at peace. Besides being handed another bit of responsibility. Did I talk about being the leader of my guild in The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land? One more board I’ll have to rebuild on Pinterest. It’s fantastic, Lydia’s 20. Honestly, I’ve been all about the Bennett Sisters from The Walking Dead: World Beyond lately. While I’m on the subject of sisters, what about the two from When the Streetlights Go On? Incredibly dirty stories, and by that, I mean zombies or murders, my mind. Fortunately, it belongs to me again, but that won’t last. Like Dennis Hof, I’ve said before, I’m immediately looking for the next party when it comes to sex. When it comes to Fapping, yep, I’m disappointed and want a shower and/or food. Yes, our time is drawing to a close Dirty Diana, which means I’ll be back to clean language. How am I doing, hmm?

Until I find Kleenexing Knockers somehow SIGH, it’ll take time, but Willy Cleans Up Nice.

I Will Have No Fear

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