Gospel 141 ~When Three Agree, Will~

It’s 3 AM, and there’s no excuse to be up this late unless I’m having a threesome, reading about it, or writing it. Well, I did the last two earlier in the night, and I don’t have a billion dollars or even a million, however. “When Three Agree, Will”

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Gospel 141 ~When Three Agree, Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I still don’t think that will give me all of Jacob’s powers from Succubus Lord 4. If you’re asking why it’s late, I read some Eric Vall and my “Interesting” book. Now I don’t think I would need a billion to start a cult. Okay, it worked for Trump, and I am so afraid that he will end up in my book. It’s okay. It’s never going to get published, and isn’t Wednesday (okay, it’s Thursday) supposed to be a good day? Maybe if I shut off Azur Lane for 30 minutes, I might get this done, Dirty Diana.

Hopefully, by 3:00 AM? Is that what I’m shooting for. At this rate, I am screwed. See, I noticed now that I skipped Wednesday SIGH though I wrote it down. Only I’m too far in right now, so Wednesday will become Thursday and vice versa for this week, this moment. I guess as the song goes, I need to talk about SEX baby. Although the whole last chapter of my book didn’t have any sex whatsoever. What the hell is wrong with me besides being kind of exhausted. No need to inquire what I was Fappening to today. Gotta write. Interesting enough. It wasn’t Azur Lane St. Louis (Luxurious Wheels), Sabrina Nichole, or Tifa Lockhart. What can I tell you? Sometimes a man wants a steak, and other times a Big Mac will do. I’m going to get all kinds of hate for that, but what are the odds, right?

Is anyone reading? Not that I’m begging? I’m saying the odds anyone notices I skipped a day are the same as getting to have a threesome at some point. That’s something I still haven’t done.

And I don’t need a billion dollars to accomplish such an endeavor. I’m not Jacob. Also, I’m not Win William Bridgman, Cain Azrael Fae, or Bastian Barks Barrett. I know I’m one for long-winded names. Think something a southern mom would call out before she beats your ass. My mom never spanked me. The concept turns me on, I’ll admit. However, I wish my freakiness could narrow itself down to three things. It’d give me a fighting chance sometime. At this rate, I’ve said it before I’ll find my Maggie.

The end is coming, but I’ll finish my novel before then. When Three Agree, Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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